questionmark.gifmulti-word fill quiz 9Ewf1 on "Reactions of metals and metal compounds"

   carbon      conductor      copper      corrode      electricity      extracted      gold      good      hard      heat      iron      metallic      non-metal      ore      poor      rusting      sulphur      zinc   
1. A element like iron is a conductor of heat and electricity and shiny in appearance.

2. The element is a and a conductor of heat and electricity and a dull looking yellow solid.

3. Metals are chemically from a mineral .

gold2.gif4. The metal has been used for jewellery for thousands of years because it does not easily.

copper1.gif5a. Houshold wiring is made of because it is a conductor of , but it is protected by plastic which is a conductor.
5b. Copper is also a good of and so is used for cooking pots.

iron1.gif6. Steel is coated in in a process called galvanising to stop it .

7. Nails are made of or steel because they are so .

8. Graphite is a form of the element . It is unusual because it is one of the few non-metal elements which is quite a conductor of and electricity.