rock17.gifmulti-word fill quiz 8Hwf2 on "The rock cycle"

   change      fossils      high      igneous      marble      metamorphic      pressure      sandstone      sedimentary      shale      slate      temperature   
1. Some rocks that already exist can be changed by high and pressure into rocks.

2. The high is caused by the weight of all the rock layers above.

3. The word metamorphic means in form and these rocks can be formed either soft rocks or from the usually harder rocks.

4. Some examples of metamorphic rocks are:
(a) the sedimentary rocks limestone and chalk can be changed into the very hard rock ,
(b) the sedimentary rock is changed into the highly layered used for roofing,
(c) the sedimentary rock is changed into white 'sugary looking' quartzite.

5a. You do not usually find in metamorphic rock even they were in the original sedimentary rock because the temperature and pressure will destroy them.