rock02.gifrock17.gifThe smaller easier KS3 Science-Chemistry crossword on "Rocks and weathering"

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 (QCA 8G)
KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 A sedimentary rock that burns well, but polluting! (4)
3 Rocks do this on cooling. (8)
5 This type of rock grain travels further in water and sinks more slowly than big ones! (7)
6 Rocks do this in the sun, but does water? (6)
7 The fine particles in muddy water are often made of this, but when deposited can be turned into fine pots! (4)
9 We were once living things, but now we are just traces in rocks! (7)
10 A word meaning the 'attacking' of rock causing erosion. (10)
12 Nice to lay on in the sun, when the weathering of the rock stops and the weather is fine! (4)
13 This rock is formed from deposits in seas and estuaries. (9)
15 Salt lakes were formed by (10)? soluble rock materials.
18 Examples are fine rock materials laid down in a lake, river or sea. (8)
22 Small chunks of rock in lakes and river beds. (6)
23 It means moving the broken down rocks. (14)
24 The breaking down of rocks to making a new shape. (7)
25 Part of this is fine weathered rock grains. (4)
1 Rocks contract when (6)?
2 When water is doing this state change, it can split rocks. (8)
4 These kind of rock grains settle out first and are not transported as far as smaller ones! (6)
8 This kind of rain causes faster rock weathering, especially if limestone, but its still too slow to see any fizzing. (6)
11 This happens to salt lakes to make 'rock salt'. (11)
12 These sort of 'remains' of plants and animals make limestone. (6)
14 Formed from deposits of the hard mineral remains of sea organisms. (9)
16 From lake or river deposition and a bit difficult to make pies out of this rock! (8)
17 The main transporter of weathered rock. (5)
19 This rock description tells you it will readily absorb water. (6)
20 Rocks expand when (6)?
21 A word meaning the small particles that make up rocks e.g. sand before it becomes sandstone. (6)