RockFace1.gifmulti-word fill quiz 8Gwf4 on "Rocks and weathering"

   clay      evaporation      fossils      glaciers      gravel      higher      layers      lower      muddy      older      recent      salt      sand      sediment      speed      winds      younger   
1. After being transported by water or or slow moving , layers of from weathered rock build up into many over a long period of time.

2a. The at which the sediment forms depends on the grain size.
2b. For example, the fastest to settle will be , followed by and finally the fine grains of (which often makes water look ).

3a. The the layer of sediment the it is.
3b. The the layer the it is, so the top layer would be the most .

4. Sedimentary layers can be formed by the of water from lakes and seas leaving behind deposits.

5. Dead plants and animals can be trapped in the sediment and change into .