RockFace1.gifmulti-word fill quiz 8Gwf2 on "Rocks and weathering"
(a docbrown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   acid      chemical      contract      erosion      expands      forces      freezes      hot      physical      sedimentation      transportation      weathering      wind   
1. The breaking down of rocks into smaller bits is called .

2. The wearing away of weathered rock pieces is called .

3. The movement of rock pieces by , water and glaciers is called .

4. When the bits of rock stop moving, a process called begins.

5a. Water that is speeds up the weathering process of any rock type.
5b. This is an example of weathering.

6a. In the winter at low temperatures, water collects in cracks and .
6b. When water freezes it , splitting the rock into smaller fragments.

7a. Rocks become they expand and on cooling they .
7b. This causes stress in the rock layer and the involved are enough to crack the rock.

8. The processes described in 6. and 7. are examples of weathering.