RockFace1.gifmulti-word fill quiz 8Gwf1 on "Rocks and weathering"

   air      between      different      grains      granite      many      mixture      no      porous      sandstone      spaces      textures      trapped   
1. Rocks are a of mineral .

2. Rocks have two main .

3. When a lump of is put in water it causes tiny bubbles of air to form in the water because the rock is .

4. However, when a lump of is put in water, bubbles of air are seen because there are no between the mineral grains.

5. Sandstone has spaces the mineral grains and the air is released when it is put in water.

6. The in granite are more densely packed and so there is no space for trapped .

7. The differences in properties between sandstone and granite, suggests they were formed in very ways.