questionmark.gifmulti-word fill quiz 8Fwf3 on "Compounds and mixtures"

   black      colourless      different      elements      green      hydrogen      magnet      metals      mixture      orange      red      silvery      similar      smelly      sulphide      yellow   
1. The properties of elements are from those of the compound formed from them.

2. Iron is a grey magnetic metal and sulphur is solid non-metal.

3. A of these elements is easily separated using a .

4. When this mixture is heated it glows and a solid is formed and it is not possible to easily separate the iron and sulphur.

5. The reaction is: iron + sulphur ==> iron

6. When the original iron is treated with hydrochloric acid, odourless gas is formed. When the black solid from the heated iron/sulphur is added to acid hydrogen sulphide gas is formed!

7. The compound copper carbonate CuCO3 is a powder, but the three which its made from are quite different. Copper is a shiny metal, carbon is a black solid non-metal and oxygen is a gas.

8. Copper and iron are both and have properties.