molecule8E1.gifmulti-word fill quiz questions 8Ewf1 on "Atoms and elements"

   atom      calcium      carbon      compound      copper      element      Fe      I      metals      molecule      N      Ne      oxygen      sodium      steel      sulphur   
molecule8E3.gif 1. The smallest particle that makes up a substance is called an .

2. Atoms can combine to make a bigger particle called a .

3. Each different type of atom is called an .

4a. Each element has its own chemical symbol eg Cu for , C for , Na for , S for and Ca for .

4b. Iron has the symbol , iodine's symbol is , nitrogen is and neon is .

5. Far more elements are strong like iron used in making , but there are a smaller number of non-metals, which are usually gases like .

6. Atoms of different elements can combine together to form a new substance called a .