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Doc Brown's KS3 Science-Chemistry Quiz 8E Atoms, elements, compounds, reading and writing a formula, and simple reactions from elements to compounds for AQA, Edexcel and OCR pre-gcse courses KS3 science online KS3 chemistry practice revision questions for KS3 chemistry unit tests or summer exam papers up to higher level KS3 science chemistry for AQA KS3 science-chemistry courses and Edexcel and OCR KS3 science-chemistry courses QUIZ 8E understanding what atoms, elements, compounds are, how to write simple formula, how to read a simple formula, simple reactions Questions on elements - different types of atoms making up materials, different types of elements, properties of metals, properties of non-metals, compounds and molecules, learning knowing names and symbols of elements in the periodic table, differences between metals and non-metals comparison of properties of metals and non-metals element symbols and names, group 1 alkali metals reactivity trend, group 7 halogens have similar properties US grade 6 science US grade 7 science US grade 8 science using trends to predict the properties of unknown elements in group 1 alkali metals, group 7 halogens, group 0 noble gases