Image85.gifgradu8doc.gifThe smaller easier KS3 Science-Chemistry crossword Quiz on "Particle models of solids, liquids and gases"

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 (QCA 7G)
KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 The particles are far apart and moving fast. (3)
6 When a liquid changes to a gas fast for a cup of tea! (7)
7 Ice thawing is an example. (7)
9 The partices in a liquid are all ? up! (7)
11 The 'bits' of solids, liquids and gases. (9)
13 One way in which solids are different than gases or liquids. Its an easy question really, its not ? (4)
14 The particles of a solid are under going this without causing a sound! and more so on heating! (9)
15 The 'pattern' of particles in a solid is very ? (7)
16 What a solid does on heating (without melting) as the atoms get more excited! (7)
2 The particles are closest together in this state. (5)
3 Very difficult to do with a solid, not much spare space! (8)
4 The particles are close together but they can still move around quite freely in this state. (6)
5 A word that means particles spreading in liquids and gases because of their random movement. (9)
8 This is happening to a gas when it is cooled to form a liquid. (10)
10 When a liquid changes to a solid it is ? (8)
11 This is caused by gas particles hitting the side of a container millions of times a second! (8)
12 You must obtain this to check out a theory in a scientific court! (8)