Image85.gifQuiz 7Gwf4 on "Particle model of solids, liquids and gases"

   atoms      compress      gas      helium      hitting      liquid      lot      milk      more      pumped      reduce      solid      space      weights      wood   

1. Petrol is a , wood is a and is a gas.

2. Carbon dioxide is a , is a liquid and is a solid.

3a. When are put on the end of a thin wire, it stretches as the are moved further apart.
3b. The forces holding the solid particles together are weakened.

4a. When a syringe is filled with a powder, it is almost impossible to it to a smaller volume.
4b. This is because there is so little between the particles.

5a. It is quite easy to the volume of a gas by compressing it.
5b. This is because there is a of space between the gas particles.

6a. If the air is from a can it collapses.
6b. This is because there are particles the outside of the can than there are hitting the inside surface.