Image85.gifQuiz 7Gwf2 on "Particle models of solids, liquids and gases"
(a worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   compress      compressed      dust      easily      expands      fast      faster      forces      hard      heated      hotter      space      spreads      vibrate      weak      widely   

1. It is difficult to a solid because there is so little between the particles.

2. Solids are usually materials because there are strong between the particles.

3a. When a solid is the particles faster and knock into each other more energetically.
3b. This causes the particles to move apart and the solid to to a slightly greater volume.

4a. Only forces hold the particles of a liquid together and so they are not strong and flow .
4b. When a coloured crystal is dropped in water, the colour slowly and this speeds up if the water is .
4c. This is because particles move when heated.

5a. The particles in a gas are spaced and so they are easily .
5b. They also move in all directions and hit each other and in sunlight you can see specks dancing.