Image85.gifQuiz 7Gwf1 on "Particle models of solids, liquids and gases"
(a doc brown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   cannot      close      compress      density      far      fast      fill      fixed      flow      gas      liquid      no      pressure      shape      solid      vibrate   
emc05.gif1a. The particles in a are close together but can still move around freely.
1b. A liquid has a definite volume and takes the of its container.
1c. It is difficult to a liquid because there is so little space between the particles.
1d. Liquids and gases easily because the particles are free to move around.

emc06.gif2a. The particles in a are very together and arranged in a regular way to give a shape and volume.
2b. The particles move around from place to place but they do in their fixed postions.

emc04.gif3a. In a the particles are apart and move in all directions.
3b. Gas particles have fixed shape or volume and always all of the container.
3c. When the particles hit the side they cause .
3d. Gases have a very low compared to liquids or solids.