pHscaleQ.gifpHlistQ.gifthe smaller easy KS3 Science-Chemistry QCA 7E crossword quiz on ACIDS and ALKALIS and pH SCALE


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 (QCA 7E)
KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 A well known strong alkali. (6,9)
3 Used to test for how acid or alkaline a solution is. (9)
4 hws3.gif It is its symbol. (9)
8 The hazard warning sign for this is a cross. (7)
9 Litmus turns this colour in acid. (3)
10 A well known indicator. (9)
15 If the universal indicator turns green it means? (7)
16 Put on soil that is too acid for healthy plant growth. (4)
18 It neutralises an alkali. (4)
20 This kind of acid is the most corrosive. (6)
21 This juice is always acid. (5)
1 The pH of a neutral solution. (5)
2 1st name of a well known acid. (12)
5 An indicator, but not as colourful as others. (6)
6 Litmus turns this colour in alkali. (4)
7 hws2.gif Acids on your skin! (8)
11 It turns litmus blue. (6)
12 Tablets of these type of substances neutralise stomach acid. (7)
13 Warning! spilt concentrated acid is one! (6)
14 The best type of acid if it spills on you! (4)
17 The common name for a well known weak acid used in food preparation. (7)
19 The pH number of a strong acid. (3)
20 The pH of a very weakly acid solution. (3)