pHlistQ.gifmulti-word fill quiz Question 7Ewf4 on ACIDS & ALKALIS - Doc brown worksheet for QCA 7E KS3 Chemistry

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   alkali      alkaline      antacid      bicarbonate      equal      fair      green      hydrochloric      hydroxide      increased      mixed      red      sodium      violet      weighed   

1. Stomach ache can be caused by the body making too much acid.

2a. Indigestion medicines called an can be taken to neutralise the over acidity in the stomach.
2b. However, they must not be too strongly or they may be harmful.
2c. A simple test would be to add the medicine to universal indicator and if it turns it may be harmful!
2d. An of a example of 'harmful' alkali is which is used in bleach.
2e. An example of a harmless alkali would be sodium .

3a. You can test how good an indigestion powder is by adding quantities of different powders to the same volume of an acid to make it a test.
3b. Universal indicator is added and as the powder is added the colour changes from to when the acid has all been neutralised.

4a. When an is added to an acid the pH is .
4b. If solutions of an acid and an alkali of the same concentration are , it will take volumes of each to get the perfect neutralisation.