pHlistQ.gifmulti-word fill quiz 7Ewf2 on "Acids and alkalis"

   1      14      7      alkaline      bleach      blue      corrosive      green      hydrochloric      hydroxide      irritant      metal      orange      strong      weak   

1. A solution of vinegar has a pH of 3 and is classed as acid. It can be used to treat a wasp sting because the sting is .

2. A solution of sodium has a pH of and is used in some domestic cleaners. Care must taken in using it because it is a very alkali.

3. Salt solutions are usually neutral with a pH of and turn universal indicator and so we can safely bathe in the sea!

hws2.gif4. When this hazard warning symbol is put on a chemical container it means it is an .

hws3.gif5. Chemicals such as acid are a acid with a pH of and have a 2nd warning label which means it is . The acid can be used in industry to clean surfaces.

6. Ammonia solution will turn universal indicator to a colour.

7. A fizzy citrus drink will turn universal indicator to an colour.