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Doc Brown's KS3 science-biology Quiz questions 8C on "Microbes, diseases, drugs and health issues - microorganisms, yeast, pathogens, diseases, bodies defence systems, medicines, antibiotics" for AQA, Edexcel and OCR pre-gcse courses KS3 science online KS3 biology practice revision questions for KS3 biology unit tests or summer exam papers up to higher level KS3 science biology for AQA KS3 science-biology courses and Edexcel and OCR KS3 science biology courses QUIZ 8C on Microbes and diseases Questions on micro-organisms, function of yeast, causes of disease, prevention/cure of disease, how the bodies defence systems work, how do medicines, antibiotics and immunisation work to combat disease and illness, what are pathogens, microorganisms US grade 6 biological science US grade 7 biology science US grade 8 science biology virus bacteria pathogens good and bad effects of painkillers depressants stimulants depressants