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Doc Brown's KS3 biology Quiz questions 8B on "RESPIRATION - lung parts structure and function, energy release, reactants and products of respiration, chemical tests" KS3 science for AQA, Edexcel and OCR pre-gcse courses KS3 science online KS3 biology practice revision questions for KS3 biology unit tests or summer exam papers up to higher level KS3 science biology for AQA KS3 science-biology courses and Edexcel and OCR KS3 science biology courses QUIZ 8B on Respiration Questions on link between digestion and respiration, chemistry of respiration, transport of substances involved in respiration, lung parts and their structure and function, identifying reactants and products of respiration by chemical tests US grade 6 biological science US grade 7 biology science US grade 8 science biology circulatory system function of heart, lungs, blood, blood vessels, health issues, symptoms and effects of smoking, asthma, lung disease