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Doc Brown's KS3 biology QUIZ 7A "Plant and animal cell structure and what plant and animal organs do" KS3 science questions for AQA, Edexcel and OCR pre-gcse coursesKS3 science online KS3 biology practice revision questions for KS3 biology unit tests or summer exam papers up to higher level KS3 science biology for AQA KS3 science-biology courses and Edexcel and OCR KS3 science biology courses KS3 science-biology QUIZ 7A "CELLS and what plant and animal organs do" (for AQA Edexcel OCR courses) Quiz 7A on Cells Questions on types of plant and animal cells, names, definitions of features of cells and their function, similarities of plant and animal cells, differences between plant and animal cells, names and functions of tissues, names and functions of organs, US grade 6 biological science US grade 7 biology science US grade 8 science biology unicellular organisms, multicellular organisms, adaptations of unicellular organisms to do what multicellular organisms do with organs, relative size of nucleus, cell, tissue adaptations, organs structure and functions, complexity of multicellular organisms function of nucleus, cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm, mitochondria, mitochondrion