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 READ CAREFULLY  My 'A level' chemistry notes are far from complete BUT by clicking on the HELP links for [ORGANIC], [INORGANIC], [PHYSICAL-THEORETICAL] and [useful UK based GCSE/IGCSE revision notes] you should find things to help on a particular topic.  By following a link you will find some useful information and use the sub-indexes of key words or headings at the top of each page. To return to this page click on the <== back on the browser link bar. All the syllabus-topic-unit titles are taken from the official syllabus. I do not have time to deliver extended responses to email questions and do NOT ask for past papers.

UK A level, AS and A2 or equivalent Advanced CHEMISTRY pre-university course syllabuses and specifications

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The NEW A Level Chemistry Courses that started in September 2015

  UK based syllabuses Cambridge pre-U chemistry

CCEA syllabuses CCEA Advanced Subsidiary AS GCE in Chemistry

and CEA-CCEA Advanced A2 GCE in Chemistry


WJEC syllabuses WJEC Advanced Subsidiary AS GCE in Chemistry

and WJEC Advanced A2 GCE in Chemistry



Other Advanced Level Chemistry pre-university International Syllabuses

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme of Chemistry (IB) (2009 my syllabus help links)

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) GCE 9701 Chemistry (my syllabus help links)

US K12 honors (K-12 honours), grade 11-12 and AP Chemistry

SQA syllabuses Scottish Qualifications Authority: SQA Higher Chemistry (H) & Advanced Higher Chemistry (AH)


Republic of Ireland Leaving Certificate: Ordinary Level Chemistry & Higher Level Chemistry

On-site potential help links for NSW Stage 6 Chemistry

Online help for the Joint Entrance Examination for Indian Technical Institutes

Indian School Certificate Examinations ICSE science paper 2 Chemistry for Classes IX and Class X

On-site help links for Indian ISC Chemistry for Classes XI and XII

On-site help links for Indian CBSE Chemistry for Classes X, XI and Class XII

flag Nigerian Science-Chemistry links

flag Zimbabwe Advanced Level Chemistry

Links to introductory notes useful to freshmen chemistry undergraduates in the USA


GCE A AS A2 IB Advanced Level Chemistry Revision Website

Year 12 AS Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 12 January 2002

Year 12 AS Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 12 January 2002


Year 13 A2 Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 13 January 2002


Year 12 AS Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 12 January 2002


Chemistry revising courses for pre-university students (equal to US grade 11 and grade 12 and AP Honours/honors level courses) private tuition IB AS A2 advanced level residential student tuition courses pupil resources teacher resources publishing company revision guides published by Amazon Harper Collins Education Letts Lonsdale Revision Guides Heinemann Educational Books publishers catalogue CGP Books Educational Hodder Education Philip Adam publications Nelson Thornes Philip Allan Textbooks examination boards sciences higher education secondary school education college science education institutions Science GCE courses Advanced Level A AS A2 level tuition help tutors colleges semesters books revision guides college textbooks university education courses biology chemistry courses physics university undergraduate courses medicine biochemistry university medical sciences university chemistry university biology university physics environmental science biomedical physics courses revision books worksheets workbooks practice examination paper questions science seminars university entrance examinations exam tuition science teacher training

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