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Some Miscellaneous Word-Fill Exercises and Crossword Puzzles


GCSE Chemistry word-fill exercises

"Chemistry Basics"

Word-fill quiz "Balancing chemical symbol equations"

Word-fill quiz "(1) Important terms used in chemistry"

Word-fill quiz "(2) Other terms and chemical symbols"

Word-fill quiz "(3) More important terms used in chemistry"

Word-fill quiz "Elements and compounds"

Word-fill quiz "Particle models of elements, compounds and mixtures"

"Periodic Table"

Word-fill quiz "Spot the element in the Periodic Table"

Word-fill quiz "Recognise the element and its use"

Word-fill quiz "The Group 1 Alkali Metals"

Word-fill quiz "The Group 7 Halogens"

Word-fill quiz "(1) The Transition Metals"

Word-fill quiz "(2) The Transition Metals"

Word-fill quiz "Uses of alloys"

Word-fill quiz "The Group 0 Noble Gases"

Word-fill quiz "The Periodic Table and Electronic Structure"

Acids, Bases and Salts

Word-fill quiz "The reactions of acids with oxides, hydroxides and carbonates"

Word-fill quiz "Methods of making salts"

Word-fill quiz "Chemical tests for common gases"

Word-fill quiz "Uses of some common compounds"

Oil and Organic Chemistry

Word-fill quiz "Origin of Crude Oil"

Word-fill quiz "Crude Oil and its Fractional distillation"

Word-fill quiz "Getting products from crude oil"

Word-fill quiz "The Uses of the Fractions from Crude Oil"

Word-fill quiz "More on hydrocarbon molecules"

Word-fill quiz "The uses of the fractions from crude oil and pollution problems"

Word-fill quiz "The chemistry of burning fossil fuels"

Word-fill quiz "Air pollution chemistry and burning fossil fuels"

Word-fill quiz "Reducing air pollution from power stations"

Word-fill quiz "Reducing air pollution from cars"

Word-fill quiz "Burning Fossil Fuels and Environmental Problems"

Word-fill quiz "Making Alcohol and Uses of Alcohol"

Word-fill quiz "Useful Products - Food Additives"

Word-fill quiz "Cracking Oil to make Alkanes and Alkenes"

Word-fill quiz "Cracking oil fractions and uses of products"

Word-fill quiz "Cracking, fuels and polymers"

Word-fill quiz "More on uses of products from cracking"

Word-fill quiz "Examples of alkanes and alkenes and a test for alkenes"

Word-fill quiz "Introduction to Polymers and Plastics"

Word-fill quiz "Making and using polymers"

Word-fill quiz "Vegetable Oils"

Word-fill quiz "Hydrogenated vegetable oil and food additives"


Word-fill quiz "Designer Smart Materials"

Word-fill quiz "Aspects of nanochemistry"

Word-fill quiz "Limestone chemistry"

Word-fill quiz "More on carbonate chemistry"

Atomic Structure and Bonding

Word-fill quiz "Atomic structure and elements"

Word-fill quiz "Atomic Structure"

Word-fill quiz "Metal Structure and Ionic Compounds"

Word-fill quiz "The Structure and Uses of different forms of carbon"

Word-fill quiz "Simple Covalent Molecular Substances"

Word-fill quiz "Molecular modelling and bonding diagrams of covalent molecules"

Reversible reactions, chemical equilibrium and ammonia production

Word-fill quiz "Reversible Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium"

Word-fill quiz "The Synthesis and Uses of Ammonia and Fertilisers"

Reactivity series and extracting metals

Word-fill quiz "Extracting metals from their ores"

Word-fill quiz "Extraction of Iron"

Rates of reaction

Word-fill quiz "What factors Affect the Speed of a Chemical reaction?"

Atmospheric and Earth Science

Word-fill quiz "The Earth's Atmosphere"

Word-fill quiz "The Composition of the Earth's Atmosphere"

Word-fill quiz "The Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere"

Word-fill quiz "More on the formation of the Earth's atmosphere"

Word-fill quiz "Later developments of the Earth's atmosphere"

Word-fill quiz "Air pollution and the Earth's atmosphere"

Word-fill quiz "Making sense of air pollution data"

Word-fill quiz "Features of the Earth's Geology"

Word-fill quiz "Types of Rock and the Rock Cycle"

Word-fill quiz "Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle"

Word-fill quiz "Plate tectonics and evidence for plate movement"

Some Crossword Puzzles and answers

Patterns in properties of elements, compounds & periodic table BIG crossword puzzle  (Crossword puzzle answers)

Common chemical reactions BIG crossword puzzle  (Crossword puzzle answers)

BIG crossword puzzle on our oil based economy!  (Crossword puzzle answers)

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