Revising Advanced A Level Chemistry

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+ 4Cl  + 6H2O

Part 0. Basic introduction to reversible reactions and chemical equilibria (GCSE/IGCSE level, below all A level)

Part 1. Introduction - examples of reversible reactions described, dynamic equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle

Part 2. How to write Kc/Kp expressions, units, equilibrium calculations including esterification

Part 3. Applying Le Chatelier's Principle to Industrial Processes

From 4. onwards, this index will be extended as I re-edit the equilibria pages, including the indexes on each page

Part 4. Partition, solubility product and ion–exchange

Part 5. pH, weak–strong acid–base theory and calculations

Part 6. Salt hydrolysis, Acid–base titrations–indicators, pH curves and buffers

Part 7. Redox equilibria, half–cell electrode potentials, electrolysis and electrochemical series

7.0 GCSE/IGCSE/O level Notes on Electrochemistry

7.1 Half cell equilibria, electrode potential

7.2 Simple cells notation and construction

7.3 The hydrogen electrode and standard conditions

7.4 Half–cell potentials, Electrochemical Series and using Eθcell for reaction feasibility

7.5 Electrochemical cells ('batteries') and fuel cell systems

7.6 Electrolysis and the electrochemical series

7.7 Exemplar Questions, Appendix 1. The Nernst Equation, Appendix 2 Free Energy, Cell Emf and K

Part 8. Phase equilibria–vapour pressure, boiling point and intermolecular forces

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