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 Atomic structure

 Atomic Structure - proton, neutron, electron, isotopes

 Introduction to mass spectrometry

 Atomic Structure multiple choice QUIZ

 Atomic Structure Crossword Puzzle * ANSWERS!

 Multi–word gap–fill worksheet on atomic structure

Word-fill quiz "Atomic structure and elements"

2nd Word-fill quiz "Atomic Structure"

Chemical Bonding

Part 1 Introduction to chemical bonding – why do atoms bond together

Part 2 Ionic Bonding – compounds and properties

Part 3 Covalent Bonding – small simple molecules and properties

Part 4 Covalent Bonding – macromolecules and giant covalent structures

Part 5 Metallic Bonding – structure and properties of metals

Multiple choice quiz on the Structure, Properties and Chemical Bonding of Materials

Word-fill quiz "Metal Structure and Ionic Compounds"

Word-fill quiz "The Structure and Uses of different forms of carbon"

Word-fill quiz "Simple Covalent Molecular Substances"

Word-fill quiz "Molecular modelling and bonding diagrams of covalent molecules"

Materials Science

NANOSCIENCE – NANOTECHNOLOGY – NANOCHEMISTRY (index of pages and keyword index)

SMART MATERIALS SCIENCE (alphabetical index at top of page)

Word-fill quiz "Designer Smart Materials"

Word-fill quiz "Aspects of nanochemistry"

Links for Advanced Level Chemistry students ONLY!

Molecule shapes and bond angles

Working out electron configurations for atoms and ions

Granddaughter Baby Niamh at nearly 6 months! First experiment in molecular modelling!

No teething dribbling on the structure please! The greatest chemistry of all - the chemistry of life!


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