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Atomic Structure, The Nuclear Physics of Radioactivity, Radioisotope uses - Includes details of decay, nuclear equations, nuclear fission, nuclear power and nuclear fusion reactions revision notes

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These revision notes on radioactivity should help with GCSE/IGCSE physics courses and A/AS level physics courses

Doc Brown's Chemistry  KS4 science GCSE Physics Revision Notes

Radioactivity & Nuclear Reactions Revision Notes Index

1a. Atomic structure, fundamental particles and radioactivity

1b. What it is an atom like?  1bc. Quarks and proton & neutron structure

2a. What is Radioactivity? Why does it happen?

2b. How did they find out there were three types of atomic-nuclear-ionising radiation?

3a. Detection of radioactivity, its measurement and radiation dose units

3b. Ionising radiation sources - radioactive materials, background radiation

4a. Alpha, beta & gamma radiation - properties of 3 types of radioactive nuclear emission & symbols

4b The dangers of radioactive emissions - health and safety issues and ionising radiation

5. The uses of radioactive isotopes emitting alpha, beta (+/) or gamma radiation in industry and medicine

6a. The half-life of a radioisotope - how long does material remain radioactive? implications!

6b. Uses of decay data and half-life values archaeological radiocarbon dating, dating rocks

7a. What actually happens to the nucleus in alpha and beta radioactive decay? nuclear equations!

7b. The production of radioisotopes - artificial sources of radioactive-isotopes, cyclotron

8. Nuclear fusion reactions and the formation of 'heavy elements' by bombardment techniques

9. Nuclear Fission Reactions, nuclear power as an energy resource


(c) doc b(c) doc bRADIOACTIVITY multiple choice QUIZZES and WORKSHEETS

Easier-Foundation Radioactivity Quiz

or Harder-Higher Radioactivity Quiz

Worksheet QUIZ Question 1 on RADIOACTIVITY - absorption of alpha, beta and gamma radiation

Worksheet QUIZ Question 2 on RADIOACTIVITY - dangers and monitoring ionising radiation levels

Worksheet QUIZ Question 3 on RADIOACTIVITY - revision of atomic structure

Worksheet QUIZ Question 4 on RADIOACTIVITY - what happens to atoms in radioactive decay?

Worksheet QUIZ Question 5 on RADIOACTIVITY - uses of radioisotope half-life data


crossword puzzle on radioactivity and ANSWERS!

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