July 2015 EVERYTHING IS FAILING!!! S36, S13 and S51 servers all chaotic or not working at all.

I've emailed sitemeter BUT NO RESPONSE I believe is owned by MySpace ???

What do MySpace have to say about this dreadful unprofessional situation concerning ???

May-June 2013 ALL sitemeters regularly down for many hours, the service seems as inadequate as ever!

April 19th 2013 - another complaint email about sitemeter, again the s13 server is the problem

Hi there,  I came across your website recently, detailing problems that you've been having with the sitemeter s13 servers. I have a paid account and am experiencing the same problems but have received absolutely no correspondence from them. I want to cancel my subscription therefore and just wondered if you had any news/tips on how I can do this or if you have any information on whether the problem might be fixed soon? Their business development email bounces back too! Thanks loads, Rachel

April 14th 2013 EVEN MORE PROBLEMS, s51 seems to be down as far as statistics are concerned.

The NEW s51.xxxx counters don't work now! More technical faults at sitemeter! They have stopped counting!

AND this is an interesting link to follow up ...

which suggests that using the code can be 'dangerous'??? it was all a bit technical for me.

I've repeated emailed them with no real reply, just the bog standard acknowledgement email.


The server 'serving' is still NOT WORKING PROPERLY

So I set up two new counters based on and all went well for 6 weeks, BUT now the two s51xxxx codes are NOT WORKING PROPERLY and you cannot access the data


After receiving several emails it seems that the s13 server isn't functioning.

I run free s20, s36 and s51 sitemeter codes and they seem to be ok

BUT my premium s13 and another free s13 codes DO NOT WORK AT THE MOMENT, s13 is down and not working!

Will they ever? I've emailed several times, with NO REPLY

From Nov 15th 2012 to the present time EVERYTHING IS WORKING OK!

November 12th 2012 Reply to Brian: Erratic! on and off several times a day, maybe more in US night-time and UK daytime?

still gathers all data and reports came through, regards, Phil

Hi Phil, Just wondering how you are getting along with Sitemeter…..

I now receive my reports some days, but not all. Also, the Sitemeter site seems very erratic; sometimes its available but a lot of the time it isn't. I have sort of learned how to largely get along without it and how to use Google Analytics Real Time Beta info instead if I want to see what's going on my website at any point in time through the day. Sitemeter still seems ok for details after the event, like looking back to see the number of visitors last week/last month/lat year etc., but now it isn't really any use for seeing what's going on the website NOW, which is what I always mostly used it for. So, I was just wondering how it is for you now. Regards, Brian


More problems. Until last Saturday, for 6 weeks I did not receive any email reports AND for periods of several hours, AND on several occasions, over the last two months, my account could not be accessed. I note that several people have noted the latter problem on their Blogs this month - October. NOT GOOD ENOUGH SITEMETER, one feels like adding a h after the S in sitemeter! When trying to access your account it sometimes says 'page load error' 'connection interrupted' or 'the document contains no data' or 'service unavailable'


August 1st 2012 onwards "Problems with my site counter from" It may be just an s13.sitemeter server problem - see emails further down the page. All my 6 free sitemeters are NOT s13 and are all working.

MY current  situation 2012 August 17th 9.44 am: some stats not available, current for day or past 7 days, stopped counting BUT all counts seem to be now 8 days out of date, the daily total of visits and page views were correct.

I've emailed several times with one meaningful reply. Complaints? Have you complained? Any response to your complaining? My sitemeter code from doesn't seem to be working properly. No counts for my website appeared to have been recorded for the past 5 days! They say they are updating the servers? affecting counting? BUT they aren't communicating much about the situation and how long will this problem last?

ANYONE ELSE GOT THE SAME PROBLEM with ? ITS A REALLY GOOD FREE SYSTEM AND relatively cheap for more advanced count statistics which I've just bought into! but no updated stats! & can't change meter style! so still a slightly annoyed s13docphilbrown !!!

I've since received this email on Aug 12th 2012

From  Hello,

You are receiving this in response to your inquiry regarding  the technical issues we have been having. If your issue falls outside of the once outlined below, please reply back to this email with details surrounding your unique issue.

Sometimes a migration of this size goes very smooth, and sometimes it does not . Unfortunately, this time we experienced some unexpected problems in the migration process, which resulted in the disruption of services for various groups of customers. Please see the issues below that we have identified and fixed.

***Missing Data due to server outages***
Unfortunately, this is something that happens. If you experienced missing data, it should have been very, very minimal and should have only been within a 2-3 hour time frame.  That issue has since been fixed and should be appearing properly.

***Missing Emails: Data reports and Accounts***
We had an issue with our mail server due to the migration. Because of the migration, this caused a major delay in emails sent and received. This extends to email reports as well as customer issues and account recovery. As of today, there are no messages queued, so anything that was delayed should have been sent or received.

***Irregularities in Data: IP Address and Dual sets of Information***
Some of you were seeing a 10.144.128.x address in some of your reports. The load balancer not forwarding the client IP when a request went to the farm is what caused this. Between the times a customer was migrated through Friday this last week, all page views would have appeared to originate from a 10.144.28.x ip address. There would have been some adverse effects in reporting visits and duration. Page view reporting however was not affected.  This has since been fixed, so please let us know if you are still seeing this.
Others may have also been seeing two sets of data. Any customer who experienced issues with two images has since been fixed. This was a result of sending traffic to the beacon servers themselves.

At this time, everything has stabilized since the migration, and all customers should be accessing their accounts with further problems.

We will be updating our customers in the announcement section in the future, so please check the Knowledge Center for updates on the site.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience. We want to be transparent with everything that has happened this past month. The end result though is a much more reliable infrastructure for us all to work from.

Thank you again,

The Sitemeter Support Team 2012 This was my reply on Aug 12th

Thanks for the info.
1) Most of the stats displayed are 2-3 days behind real time!
2) Who's on cannot be displayed at all,
3) Current 'details', 'referrals' and other stats are 2-3 days behind

so, there are still major problems to sort out for my (and others) accounts.

Incidentally, I have 6 other free accounts which appear to be working fine.
ALL the problems are for the premium account I pay for!
Which is a bit ironic!

kind regards
Dr Phil Brown 2012 Aug 15th - situation getting worse, no data for past 7 days, some data actually disappeared!

Emailed again, sounding very frustrated. Aug 17th - first email response from someone viewing this page

Hi, I just found your online posting about the current sitemeter problems. My situati0on is exactly the same as yours, i.e., no meaningful statistics or tracking data, now for over 7 days, and no useful responses at all to my numerous emails and support requests to sitemeter. All I have had from them is the same thing they have sent to you, which is also posted on their website anyway. It seems a complete mess!!! Do you have any update to your situation? Do you think it will be sorted out or should we consider jumping ship and going elsewhere? By the way, my sitemeter code is an "s13…." so I guess we are both stuck on their 13th server…Regards, Brian 2012 Aug 17th reply to Brian

Hi Brian
Many thanks for emailing me. I was getting this Scandinavian film line feeling "I'm all alone ..." !! I decided to set up a page to see anybody else was having the same problem. I'm surprised there was no mention on any blog. You do seem to confirm its an s13 problem - the only one I pay for! and just before the problem started! I have 6 frees that are working ok - rather ironic!
Do you mind if I post your email up on the page? (with no personal details) I've emailed them several times, with only one reply, going on about server changes and how much better the service will be eventually! I've no wish to go elsewhere, when working its great for me AND s13docphilbrown is on 2500 web pages! At the moment I'm just prepared to be patient. kind regards, Phil Brown 2012 Aug 17th from Brian Hi Phil, Thanks for your email. Yes, it is very strange that there are not more mentions of the problems online. OK, please feel free to post my comments online (obviously no personal info!!). Something seems to be happening on sitemeter this morning….it has been saying that the data for the last xxxxxx minutes was unavailable (reached about 14000 minutes!!), but this morning it says the report is currently unavailable and says to try again in a few minutes. Amounts to the same thing - there is no data - but its different, thereby possibly indicating that there is life out there somewhere. Keep in touch!! Regards, Brian Aug 19th: Gradually through the day the count data and statistics began heading towards real time data and by the end of the day the paid for premium data and statistics functions were all working perfectly. down cannot access stats problems not working stopped service unavailable stats complaints counter no current statistics available can't access statistics