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I appreciate SAT levels have gone, but I hope these KS3 science Quizzes will still be of some use. Although I've already produced some combined KS3 science quizzes.

I welcome suggestions from teachers so I may produce useful compilation KS3 science quizzes suitable for any school doing KS3 science and any KS3 science scheme of work now that the KS3 science levels and KS3 science SAT exams have gone.

Copying of the KS3 science quizzes is NOT permitted, but you can printout the KS3 physics questions to use in class of for homework.


GCSE 9-1 Chemistry Notes  *  GCSE 9-1 Biology Notes  *  GCSE 9-1 Physics Notes


MY KS3 Science Quiz compilations

20 Question multiple choice QUIZ on  ORGANISMS, BEHAVIOUR and HEALTH

20 Question multiple choice QUIZ on CHEMICAL and MATERIAL BEHAVIOUR

20 Question multiple choice QUIZ on ENERGY, ELECTRICITY and FORCES

20 Question multiple choice QUIZ on THE ENVIRONMENT, EARTH and UNIVERSE

The original quiz link indexes are below

The links below are if you wish to concentrate on specific biology, chemistry or physics questions

KS3 KS3 Science-Biology Quizzes Biology Quizzes * KS3 KS3 Science-Chemistry Quizzes Chemistry Quizzes * KS3 KS3 Science Quiz - Physics Quizzes m/c Quizzes

and it is these separate science quizzes that will be further developed to meet the National Curriculum Specification for KS3 Science

The KS3 Integrated Science Multiple Choice Questions

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(2) Don't use the usual refresh button on the upper browser to repeat the quiz, use the     REPEAT QUIZ - fresh Q's    on the quiz link bar. 

(3) A small proportion questions are deliberately very challenging and more like GCSE level, but only the odd one! and most cover the full range of ability of KS3 science students.


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