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At the moment my GCSE biology notes are NOT organised under a general index, but there a plenty on my site.

Gradually, this situation will be amended as I convert the expanded AQA GCSE biology, Edexcel GCSE biology, OCR (gateway science biology and 21st Century Science biology) exam board summary notes into 'stand alone' biology notes.

Links will then be added to this biology index page.

This will take some time, but in the mean time you can use the Google search box at the bottom of the page to search for information on any biology topic.

CELL BIOLOGY revision notes

Introduction to plant and animal cell structure and function

Diffusion, osmosis, active transport, exchange of substances with examples fully explained (not finished)


 HUMAN BIOLOGY revision notes

See also cell biology section

Introduction to homeostasis and its function (negative feedback systems explained)

Homeostasis - thermoregulation of temperature

Homeostasis - control of blood sugar level

Homeostasis - water control and other kidney functions


 PLANT BIOLOGY revision notes

See also cell biology section

Photosynthesis, importance explained, limiting factors affecting rate


Adaptations, Environment and Ecology

Adaptations, lots of examples explained including extremophiles


The links below are for the NEW GCSE (9-1) science courses for first exams with Y11 in May-June 2018

Revision Summaries for the new GCSE BIOLOGY courses that started with Y10 in Sept. 2016

AQA GCSE Biology 8461  1st Paper (Topics 1-4 & Combined Science Trilogy Biology 1 Topics 1-4)

AQA GCSE Biology 8461  2nd Paper (Topics 5-7 & Combined Science Trilogy Biology 2 Topics 5-7)

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Biology 1st Paper (Topics 1-5 & Combined Science Biology 1 Topics 1-5)

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Biology 2nd Paper (Topics 1, 6-9 & Combined Science Biology 2 Topics 1, 6-9)

OCR (9-1) Gateway Science GCSE Biology A 1st Paper (Topics B1-3 & Combined Science A Biology 1 Topics B1-3)

OCR (9-1) Gateway Science GCSE Biology A 2nd Paper (Topics B4-6 & Combined Science A Biology 1 Topics B4-6)

OCR (9-1) 21st Century Science GCSE Biology B Chapters B1-3 (Chapters B1-3, GCSE Combined Science B biology)

OCR (9-1) 21st Century Science GCSE Biology B Chapters B4-6 (Chapters B4-6, GCSE Combined Science B biology)


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