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Scarborough 01a. Looking down to the beach and harbour

Scarborough: 02a. The statue of Queen Victoria surrounded by Victorian buildings

Scarborough: 03a. The south beach and donkeys * 04a. Walking along the sea front

Scarborough: 05a. The north beach deserted literally and metaphorically by the weather!

Scarborough: 06a. Lots of cafe's, restaurants and of course fish and chip shops

Scarborough: 07a. The Grand Hotel above the beach and the lifeboat slipway on the beach

Scarborough: 08a. The lifeboat house * Scarborough: 09a. The harbour and yachts

Scarborough: 10a. The old lighthouse by the harbour entrance

Scarborough: 11a. The harbour viewed from below the castle walls

Scarborough: 12a. St Mary's Church viewed from below the castle walls

Scarborough: 13a. One of the medieval round towers of the castle walls

Scarborough: 14a. Another view of the old and new harbour, the old lighthouse and the south beach

Scarborough: 15a. A 'geometrical' Tudor? brick tower of the castle walls

Scarborough: 16a. View of the north bay beaches from under the castle walls

Scarborough: 17a. The south bay from under the castle walls

Scarborough: 18a. The castle entrance and the north bay beyond

Scarborough: 19a. The Victorian bridge entrance to the castle

Scarborough: 20a. Viewing the north bay under the bridge of the castle entrance

Scarborough: 21a. The North Bay and beach * Scarborough: 22a. The medieval entrance to Scarborough Castle

Scarborough: 23a. The ticket office of Scarborough Castle and beyond the great Norman keep

Scarborough: 24a. The ruins of the walls and tower of the Norman keep

Scarborough: 25a. The hill above the sea on which the castle stands - a well defended position

Scarborough: 26a. The North Bay and a water colour sea and the weather closing in!

Scarborough: 27a. St Mary's Church seen from near the castle entrance

Scarborough: 28a. Woodland park walks below the castle and by the castle walls

Scarborough: 29a. St Mary's churchyard * 30a. The broad solid tower of St Mary's Church

Scarborough: 31a. The south door of St Mary's

Scarborough: 32a. The nave of St Mary's, with its aisle arches and clerestory windows

Scarborough: 33a. St Mary's great east window with its stained glass

Scarborough: 34a. Details of the stain glass of St Mary's Church

Scarborough: 35a. The death certificate of Anne Bronte

Scarborough: 36a. One of the chapels in the south aisle of St Mary's Church

Scarborough: 37a. The small chancel and north aisle of St Mary's Church

Scarborough: 38a. The Public Market Hall * Scarborough: 39a The central shopping area

Scarborough: 40a The Bathing Belle of Westborough and Victorian and Edwardian buildings

Scarborough: 41a. One of the main shopping streets going down to the sea

Scarborough: 42a. Bonetts Cafe * Scarborough: 43a. The Grand Hotel * Scarborough: 44a. The Spa Bridge

Scarborough: 45a. The Spa Bridge is an iron footbridge was built in 1826 high above the Valley

Scarborough: 46a. The Art Gallery built in 1845 in The Crescent * 47a. The Public Library

Scarborough: 48a. The west door of St Mary's Church (cafe entrance!)

Scarborough: 49a. The south door of St Mary's Church which looks out over the sea

Scarborough: 50a. The west window of St Mary's Church * 51a. The altar in the north aisle

Scarborough: 52a. A wedding at St Mary's Church * 53a. The exterior of the south transept

Scarborough: 54. Wilsons Mariners Homes A.D. 1836




29. Scarborough (1) St Mary's Parish Church

29a. Scarborough (2) The Castle

29b. Scarborough (3) The Old Town and Harbour & Marina Area

29c. Scarborough (4) Miscellaneous Street Scenes

29d. Scarborough (5) The Bays and Beaches

29e. Scarborough (6) Some Georgian and Victorian Architecture

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