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19. The French Town of Chambery

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Chambery, France: Chambéry is a city in the department of Savoie, and located in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. It is the capital of  Savoie and has been the historic capital of the Savoy region since the 13th century, when Amadeus V of Savoy made the city his seat of power.

Chambery, France: Local scenery viewed from TGV train from Paris. Chambery is a beautiful town to visit in the Rhône-Alpes region of France and is the birthplace and historic capital of Savoie. The town of itself Chambery lies in a valley in the Alps surrounded by the Bauges and Chartreuse mountain ranges and provides an almost 'surround' views of the French Alps. To the north, it is bordered by Lac du Bourget, the largest natural lake in France.


Chambery, France: The landscape around Chambery is dominated by hills, mountains and lakes. Bourget Lake, the largest natural lake in France, is just north of the town of Chambery


A classic high speed SNCF TGV train at Chambery railway station on which we arrived in Chambery from Paris.


Chambery, France: Looking over Chambery SNCF station towards the mountains. Chambery has long been a "crossroads to the Alps" dating all the way back to the 11th century. For many years, it was ruled by the Duchy of Savoie before being annexed to the King of France. Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man (the French version of the Bill of Rights) while living in Chambery.


Chambery, France: We stayed in the Mercure Hotel just across the road from the SNCF Gare de Chambery Challes-Les-Eaux, and very comfortable stay it was.


Chambery, France: The tower and east end of the Cathedral and one of the old cobbled streets of the town centre. Chambery is a charming and peaceful place to visit with beautiful architecture, good food and wine, and friendly people. There are many vineyards in the locality and on Saturdays, the city public market stalls are filled with the fresh cheeses, meats, and local produce from the Alps. The Chambery area in the Rhone Alps offers many recreational activities to choose from in all seasons, from skiing and snowshoeing, to sailing and rock climbing. The medieval section of the town is quite well preserved (pictures above and below). There are also local and regional buses.


Chambery, France: The old castle at Chambery, Chateau des Ducs de Savole, viewed from the Place du Chateau. It was the former residence of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy and was built and developed from the 13th century onwards. It is now used as the police headquarters and Savoy's General Council.


Chambery, France: On the right is the chapel of the Chateau.


Chambery, France: Place Saint - Leger. The street and area around Place Saint-Leger are lined with tall houses all painted in different colours and lots of outdoor restaurants and cafes allowing you to enjoy the 'old town' atmosphere.

Chambery, France: The fountain in Place Saint-Leger.


Chambery, France


Chambery, France: Place Saint - Leger


Chambery, France: Place Saint-Leger


Chambery, France: The Theatre Charles Dullin


Chambery, France Theatre Charles Dullin


Chambery, France: The fine building of the Palais de Justice (Palace of Justice)


Chambery, France: View of the Alps from the market square in front of the Palais de Justice.


Chambery, France: The Fontaine des Elephants, the glorious and magnificent elephant monument erected in 1838 in tribute to General de Boigne, a major benefactor to his hometown of Chambery.


Chambery, France:  Fontaine des Elephants


Chambery, France: Fontaine des Elephants, with the General on the top!


Chambery, France:  Fontaine des Elephants by night.


Chambery, France: Statue De La Sasson, Statue de la Savone: Sculptor Alexandre Falguière , the statue was erected on the town square in 1892 to celebrate the centenary of the annexation of Savoy to France. The term " Sasson " is the facetious name given quickly Savoyard language by inhabitants of Chambéry after installation due to its considered too corpulent . Translated as " fat woman ", 2 means it ironically a girl or a woman a little simpleton , visibly more developed body and mind . The statue is supposed to represent a Savoyard , in the guise of a woman with severe forms allegory, wearing a dress with big buckets and floor shoe giant , hugging a flag. The work is an investment casting hollow bronze , placed on a concrete base  and the work of sculptor Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguire. The monument was inaugurated in 1892 by President Sadi Carnot during ceremonies commemorating the centennial of the annexation of Savoy to France at the time of the French Revolution ( November 1792). In 1898 , a model of the Sasson is presented at an exhibition in New Falguire circus in Paris. The statue was toppled and confiscated by the Germans during the Second World War she was found decapitated in a train station in Germany. In 1950, she found her place in the city of Chambery. The Sasson regularly acts as a rallying point for many popular and student demonstrations .


Chambery, France Evening dinner at the LE SPORTING restaurant



Chambery, France: Place de la Metropole, the Cathedral entrance on the right.


Chambery, France: A large multi-storey house in Place de la Metropole.


Chambery, France: The west facade of Chambery Cathedral, Cathedral Saint Francis de Sales (Cathédrale Saint-François-de-Sales de Chambéry). Chambery Cathedral was erected in the 15th century by Franciscan monks and it became a cathedral in 1779 during the creation of the diocese of Chambery.


Chambery, France: The west entrance to the Cathedral of Saint Francis. The building dates from the 15th century, when it was constructed as a Franciscan chapel. The site is very swampy and the building is built on 30,000 poles of pinewood.


Chambery, France: Looking down the nave towards the chancel and altar of the Cathedral of Saint Francis. It contains the largest ensemble of trompe l'œil painting in Europe (almost 6,000 m²) by the artists Sevesi and Vicario.


Chambery, France: The elaborate decoration of the nave and aisles of the Cathedral of Saint Francis.


Chambery, France: The skilful painting of the walls to give the impression of sculpture in relief in the Cathedral of Saint Francis.


Chambery, France:  Nave roof and vaulting of the Cathedral of Saint Francis. The trompe l'œil paintings is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that depicted objects exist in three dimensions and the walls and roof of nave and aisles of Chambery Cathedral are one of the best examples of it in Europe.


Chambery, France:  of the Cathedral of Saint Francis.


Chambery, France:  of the Cathedral of Saint Francis.


Chambery, France: The chancel and high altar of the Cathedral of Saint Francis.


Chambery, France: Left: The statue of Jeanne of Arc (the French heroine Joan of Arc) in the blessed of the Savoy's house chapel. Right: A view down the south aisle of  the Cathedral of Saint Francis.


Chambery, France: The stained glass windows in the Savoy's house chapel of the Cathedral of Saint Francis.



Chambery, France: The old buildings to the south of the Cathedral, the east end can be seen on the right.


The SNCF station Chambery, France and Au revoir! on our way to ITALY via the TGV train

French SNCF trains and locomotives etc.

and Railway Trip from London to Paris to Chambery

Italian TRENITALIA trains and locomotives etc.

and Rail Trip Journey from Chambery (France) to Turin, Milan and Passignano on Lake Tresimeno in Italy




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