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 20b. Heatherslaw Mill & Narrow Gauge Railway

There is also a tourist visitor information centre across the road from the mill

Heatherslaw is a mile west of 20a. Ford Village

Heatherslaw Cornmill, Gift Shop and Tea Room! The Heatherslaw Corn Mill has been faithfully restored with the machinery first installed in the 19th century.


The water from the River Till is fed into the Corn Mill below the wooden structure on the side of the mill and drives an undershoot water wheel.


The River Till, the power supply for the mill.


The mill still produces high quality stoneground wholemeal flower from locally grown wheat. The millers are friendly and knowledgeable people and were most willing to explain the workings of the mill, its history and traditional products - some of which can be sampled in the mill's cafe!


Some of the old 'classic' non-metric and non-electronic weighing machines and weights!


Some medieval and Elizabethan querns and stone pots for grinding corn in.


A stone sculpture of an otter? by the side of the mill.


The fine looking building of the Heatherslaw Corn Mill in the late afternoon sunlight.

The railway!

THE LADY AUGUSTA is the little steam locomotive that hauls the train from Heatherslaw Mill to the village and Castle of Etal. It is a 15" narrow gauge railway and the journey takes about 25 minutes to travel between the few miles between the two villages. There is free parking at both Heatherslaw and Etal and dogs travel free!


Taking on water and fuel - a very 'green' railway - using wood from the Ford-Etal Estates!



The railway train runs alongside the River Till on its way from Heatherslaw to Etal.

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