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Liverpool (12) The World Museum

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World Museum Liverpool: Still FREE in 2011, but for how long?

The grand entrance to the Liverpool World Museum

World Museum Liverpool: Two statues of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet meet you in the entrance foyer


World Museum Liverpool: Minerals, insects and fish in the Clore Natural History


World Museum Liverpool: The Kingston Broach - Enamel-jewelled broach from an Anglo-Saxon Princess?

World Museum Liverpool: The broach was found in the Kingston Down Cemetery in Kent, England.


World Museum Liverpool: Pieces of glass from the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries


World Museum Liverpool: Statue of the Greek God Zeus, probably a 1st century AD Roman copy of a Greek original statue of the 4th century BC

World Museum Liverpool:


Liverpool World Museum: Examples of ancient Greek pottery - these early Grecian artist were skilled painters


World Museum Liverpool: A statue of 'Apollo Sauroktonos - Apollo the 'Lizard-Killer', made by the Greek sculptor Praxiteles in about 350 BC


World Museum Liverpool: More examples of painted ancient Greek pottery



World Museum Liverpool: A portrait statue of a Roman man wearing a toga, Late Republican or early Empire


World Museum Liverpool: Busts of Greek ladies of various hair styles from the 2nd century AD


World Museum Liverpool: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics


The Egyptian coffin of Padiamun from about 750-715 BC


World Museum Liverpool: The land of the dinosaurs!


World Museum Liverpool: Fossil of Callopterus - Teleost Fish from the palaeozoic era - 145-150 million years old.


World Museum Liverpool: Spaniodon blondelli - Teleost (bony) fish - fossil in chalk from the Cretaceous period 83-90 million years old


World Museum Liverpool: Ichthyosaurus intermedius (paddle), a marine retile from the Jurassic era 195-208 million years ago


World Museum Liverpool: Space Science section - telescopes



 Space Science section - part of the engine of the Black Knight rocket


World Museum Liverpool: Rocketry science and star gazing science!




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