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Liverpool (4) (a) Maritime Museum and (b) International Museum of Slavery

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Both these great museums are housed in a building in the Albert Dock complex

Liverpool (4a) The Maritime Museum


Maritime Museum: 'A Lucky Seaman' story - true or false?


Maritime Museum: The Ismay Testimonial Silver


Maritime Museum: Builder's model of Olympic/Titanic from 1910


Maritime Museum: the ship MAURETANIA in dazzle paint, by Burnett Poole (1919)


Maritime Museum: Posters from both sides of World War II


Maritime Museum: Ship figureheads

Left: Figurehead from H.M.S. Hastings built in Calcutta in 1819 & Right: Figurehead from VERAJEAN a steel shipbuilt in Dumbarton on the River Clyde in 1891.


Maritime Museum: Some super displays of model ships, many associated with Liverpool and theRiver Mersey docks and harbour.


Maritime Museum:


Maritime Museum:


Maritime Museum: The painting 'Canada Timber Docks, Liverpool, Towards Close of Day' by Robert Dudley (active 1865-1891)


The fine ocean going ship AUREOL off Liverpool Pierhead in 1966.

Liverpool (14b) The International Museum of Slavery


International Museum of Slavery: The terrible tragic story of slavery is graphically portraid in uncompramising detail. The display illustrated above tells the story of various slave revolts and uprising which were bryutally surpressed.


International Museum of Slavery: The unspeakable crimes against humanity perpetrated by supposed Christians!


International Museum of Slavery:


International Museum of Slavery: One opf several  Afrian artifact displays


International Museum of Slavery:


International Museum of Slavery: Native African artifacts - see key below

International Museum of Slavery:


International Museum of Slavery:

Left: A figure of an enslaved African breaking free of his chains - carved in wood, American, late 19th century. This full sized figure is similar to other carved figures in the American folk art tradition.

Right: 'Consider slavery - what it is - how bitter a draught and how many are made to drink it! Quote ffrom Ignatius Sancho in 1776. Ignatius Sancho lived from 1729 to 1780 and was a respected figure in literacy and musical circles. He was born on a slave ship carrying his enslaved mother to the Americas.




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