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Phil and Molly's Irish Scene HOMEPAGE81b. Trim Castle in the medieval town of Trim, Co. Meath - A MUST VISIT !!!


Trim Castle, The Movie!, where scenes from the film 'Braveheart' were shot.

An old cannon standing guard by the entrance to Trim Castle


The entrance to Trim Castle


Trim Castle - take the guided tour too, good fun, only a few euros and great views from the top of the keep, you can pretend to be Braveheart's Mel Gibson!


The wood sculpture 'A Hunger for Knowledge', by artist Joey Burns (2007), from bog oak from Gallon Bog, Co. Cavan. The sculpture stands beneath the walls of Trim Castle at the start of the anti-clockwise walk around the castle walls (picture sequence below, accompanied short descriptions and history of Trim Castle).


The start of an anti-clockwise walk around the defensive curtain wall of Trim Castle. Three of the semi-circular D shaped towers can be seen.


The first Trim Castle was a motte and bailey construction built in 1173 by Hugh de Lacy after he was granted the lordship of Meath by King Henry II. Trim Castle was soon attacked and destroyed by Rory O'Connor, King of Connacht.


A new Trim Castle was begun in the late 1190s and became the finest and largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland.


On the right is the Dublin Gate of Trim Castle. This great stronghold became known as King John's Castle, though he only once stayed in Trim for a few days in 1210  and not in the castle, which had been locked up!


Trim Castle has curtain wall of 486 yards and towering about within is the mighty keep. Trim Castle ha ten D shaped towers in total.


The Dublin Gate of Trim Castle. Trim was conquered in 1536 by Silken Thomas and in 1647 by Catholic confederate forces, opposing the English parliament of Cromwell, but in 1649 Trim was taken by Cromwell's army. The Cromwellian forces were led by Charles Coote causing much damage to the Castle and town walls and the tower of St Mary's Abbey.


Trim Castle has various sally gates, small doorways in the wall to facilitate surprise attacks.


Trim Castle


The Dublin Gate of Trim Castle had two drawbridges and the barbican between them is well preserved (see more pictures further down).


Trim Castle, the moat would have gone under the arch of the Dublin Gate


The end of the curtain wall, plus tower on the River Boyne side of Trim Castle


The curtain walls run around three sides of Trim Castle, the fourth side is protected by the River Boyne (see 1st picture and below). You can see people looking out from the top of the keep of Trim Castle.


Part of the outer moat of Trim Castle, parallel, and presumably fed, from the River Boyne.



The square keep of Trim Castle is 70 feet high with walls eleven feet thick!


The keep of Trim Castle is named Geoffrey de Joinville who with Walter de Lacy had it constructed from 1220 to 1225


The inner ditch of the moat around the keep of Trim Castle



The keep moat of Trim Castle and beyond the guardhouse and entrance.


Trim Castle


The Barbican Gate tower and inside the deadly barbican walls, a definite killing zone of Trim Castle!


The River Gate of Trim Castle


Trim Castle


There were originally two great halls in Trim Castle with bedrooms above.


Models in the keep showing the development of Trim Castle


The chapel in Trim Castle


Trim Castle


The massive walls separating the two great halls of Trim Castle


Trim Castle



Some of the deeply recessed windows of Trim Castle


A spiral chimney in Trim Castle, designed to improve the upward fraught of the smoke from a large fire - for heating and cooking!



Some of the spiral steps in Trim Castle leading to the top battlements of the keep.


Looking down onto the River Boyne from the keep of Trim Castle


Steps in the keep of Trim Castle and looking across north across the River Boyne to Talbot Castle and the ruins of a tower, all that remains of St Mary's Abbey.


The inner entrance to Trim Castle, the town is beyond down by the river.


A view from the keep of Trim Castle of the town, River Boyne, Talbot Castle, Millenium Bridge and St Mary's Abbey Tower.


Trim Castle - curtain wall, Barbican Gate and the River Boyne.


A black crow  nesting in the walls of Trim Castle



The bridge connecting the north and south banks of Trim Town

Trim Castle


Part of a tower (known as the 'yellow steeple'), all that's left of the 12th century Augustinian St Mary's Abbey across the River Boyne from Trim Castle. The Abbey suffered grievously from Cromwell's attack in 1642.


A general view of Trim Castle from the north bank of the River Boyne.


The River Boyne, Talbot's Castle and St Mary's Abbey Tower


Talbot Castle, St Mary's Abbey Tower and the Sheep Gate in the old 14th century town walls of Trim, all that remains of a wall that once surrounded the whole medieval town of Trim.


Talbot Castle, Trim, originally built in 1415 by Sir John Talbot, partly with the foundations and stone from St Mary's Abbey. At one time it was converted to a Protestant school in the 18th century where the young Arthur Wellesley went to school, later to become the Duke of Wellington! Talbot Castle is a lovely three-storied fortified manor house


The Sheep Gate, set in part of the old town walls of Trim


The road bridge over the River Boyne in Trim


The main street in Trim and St Mary's Abbey tower beyond, its a pleasant sleepy little town set on the banks of the River Boyne.


The harvest Home Bakery Cafe in Trim, a good place to pause!


A modern montage of Trim! Impressions Boutique, Computer King and Paddy Power Bookmaker.




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