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123. Shannonbridge and Fort

The bridge linking Co. Offaly and Co. Roscommon








Killeens Village Tavern, Shannonbridge, is an old style shop and pub, well worth visiting for its charm and curiosities.


The 'Visitor Centre' by the bridge in Shannonbridge.


The bridge over the River Shannon at Shannonbridge.


The River Shannon viewed both ways from the bridge at Shannonbridge.




The old Shannonbridge fort is actually in Roscommon and has been converted to a restaurant.


The many arches of Shannonbridge bridge.


Parkers Restaurant in the old fortress at Shannonbridge.

Shannonbridge was fortified by the British in the Napoleonic era of the early 19th century. A fort was built on the west bank of the River Shannon and many of the massive fortifications survive, including a fort that now houses the 'Old Fort' restaurant.


The fortifications are massive!








Some of the gun ports of the old fort at Shannonbridge.


The defensive bank outside the main walls protecting the fort.










The gun ports at the back of 'The Old Fort', Shannonbridge


The ESB peat fired power station near Shannonbridge.


Some of the railway features of the trains supplying the power station.


Inside the 'Old Fort' restaurant we had a great meal before leaving Shannonbridge.



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