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1b. Peterborough Cathedral

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on Eastern England - Huntingdon

Peterborough Cathedral: This great Cathedral Church stands in the Benedictine monastic tradition of hospitality and the volunteer assistants were most helpful.



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Peterborough Cathedral: The magnificent west front of Peterborough Cathedral. The first abbey was founded in Peterborough in AD 655, but destroyed by the Vikings in 870 and many monks were killed. By AD 970 the second abbey, a Benedictine monastery was finished but this was destroyed by fire in 1116. Construction of the present abbey was begun in 1118 and by 1238 the great West Front was completed and the Abbey Church consecrated. The Abbey Church was made a Cathedral by Henry VIII in 1541.


Peterborough Cathedral: Some details of the rich carvings of the architecture of the west front stonework.



Peterborough Cathedral: The 'newest' eastern section of Peterborough Cathedral, added in 1500.


Peterborough Cathedral: The medieval font is a carved 13th century marble bowl supported by five pillars.


Peterborough Cathedral: The wonderful nave with its 'Romanesque' style curved arches of the aisle arcades.


Peterborough Cathedral: A section of the painted ceiling of the nave, which dates from 1230-1250 and is the only one of its type surviving in Britain today.


Peterborough Cathedral: Aisle-nave arcade arches, triforum and clerestory windows - the latter to let more light in.


Peterborough Cathedral: The 'Hanging Crucifix' was donated to the Cathedral in 1975, its Latin inscription means 'the cross stands whilst the world turns'. The choir stalls date from the late 1800s and daily worship takes place here at Evensong.


Peterborough Cathedral: A collection of old clock mechanisms in Peterborough Cathedral, some of them medieval.


Peterborough Cathedral: Left: The memorial plaque to Edith Louisa Cavell, a nurse who was executed by the Germans in October 1915 for helping Belgian, French and British soldiers escape in the First World War in Europe. The tablet was placed here by the teachers, pupils and friends of her old school in Laurel Court.

Right: St Peter leaves the boat to meet Jesus' carved by Simon Lathern in 1991


Peterborough Cathedral: The finely carved oak choir stalls date from the 1800s, but the carving convey true medieval extravagance and beauty. The choir stalls are at the eastern end of the nave before the crossing.


Peterborough Cathedral: Fine detail of the choir stall carvings.


Peterborough Cathedral: Details of the carved figures on the pulpit.


Peterborough Cathedral: An internal view of the central tower from the floor of the crossing. Due to being unsafe, the abbey tower was dismantled and after taken down was rebuilt in appropriate architectural style.


Peterborough Cathedral: Looking into the north transept of Peterborough Cathedral.


Peterborough Cathedral: A faithful copy of a beautifully illustrated copy of a medieval manuscript known as the Ramsey Psalter.


Peterborough Cathedral: The Sanctuary east of the crossing.

Peterborough Cathedral: Looking east through the Sanctuary, passed the pulpit to the high altar.


Peterborough Cathedral: Above the curved arches of the Sanctuary is the beautiful stonework of the triforum and above them the clerestory windows, as in the nave itself.


Peterborough Cathedral: Looking west down the south aisle of the nave, which once formed one of the four sides of the monastery cloister. The organ and the choir stalls are on the right.


Peterborough Cathedral: The superb fan-vaulted ceiling of the eastern end of Peterborough Cathedral, which is west beyond the Sanctuary and High Altar, dating from  ~1500.

Peterborough Cathedral: Looking to the stained glass of the south windows at the eastern end of the Cathedral.


Peterborough Cathedral: Fantastic architecture of the fan vaulting in the aisles of the nave, superb medieval craftsmanship of the master stonemasons ..... such beautiful architecture!

See also Peterborough - streets, buildings etc. Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery  and  The Nene Valley Railway



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See also Peterborough - streets, buildings etc. Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery  and  The Nene Valley Railway

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