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13. Walking over from Gordale Scar to the spectacular Malham Cove and onto Comb Scar and Malham Tarn before returning to Malham Village

(via two different routes from the top of Watlowes - Comb Scar)

Ramble-ramblers-rambling-walks-walking-footpaths-bridleways in Malhamdale

The pictures are a compilation from several walks at different times of the year - as you can readily tell!

See also walking in Malhamdale pages 36 to 38 and page 9 Gordale Scar

Gordale and the entrance to Gordale Scar form the path to Malham Cove.


The contoured fields in Gordale, viewed when heading over towards Malham Cove and in the foreground some very ancient field wall systems.


View of Gordale from the path to Malham Cove.


On your left you see ancient field systems of cultivation terraces dating from prehistoric times to Romano-British iron age and medieval settlements and field systems.


The hardy swaledale sheep grazing in the lovely peaceful limestone meadowland, which are `all over the Yorkshire Dales.

The hardy swaledale sheep grazing in the lovely peaceful limestone meadowland, which are `all over the Yorkshire Dales.


Highland cattle are a relatively recent addition to the livestock of the Yorkshire Dales.


The ancient field systems near Gordale


Looking up the path from Gordale to Malham Cove.


A nice piece of (lighter stone) patching to repair a wonderful dry stone wall on the left.




The snow capped hills west of Malham Cove.


Typical scenery between Gordale and Malham Cove.


Winter and summer scenes above Malham Cove topped by the classic limestone pavement.


The magnificent Malham Cove wild orchid above Malham Cove

The magnificent Malham Cove, carved out of the limestone cliffs by thousands of years of river flow and beautiful wild orchids grow above it. Like Gordale Scar (page 9), a major tourist attraction. At the top you can see the edge of the limestone pavement.


A rather fine frog near Malham Cove.


Looking down from the top of Malham Cove to Malham village.


The limestone pavement on the top of Malham Cove.


Above Malham Cove looking up Watlowes, and the path is part of the Pennine Way (winter above, summer below).


Malham Cove on the left, the valley of Watlowes on the right.


The limestone pavement at the southern end of Watlowes above Malham Cove.


Ewe Moor, Malham Tarn Estates and the start of Ing Scar on the left. Watlowes is a dry river bed by Ewe Moor managed by the National Trust & Malham Tarn Estate, whose mighty river once flowed over Malham Cove giving a spectacular waterfall.


Looking up Watlowes dry weather in kinder dryer weather!




The wheatear bird is common summer sight in the Dales with the flash of its white rump when it flies off.


Looking up Watlowes to Comb Scar.

Watlowes - Comb Scar (right), Comb Hill (centre) and Ing Scar Crag (right)


Comb Hill - Comb Scar



The magnificent Comb Scar and Comb Hill.


A cave below Comb Hill to which some trees miraculously cling and prosper!


Looking back south down Watlowes from Comb Scar.


Dean Moor Hill and Dean Scar after emerging north-west out of Watlowes.

Walking over to Malham Tarn from Comb Scar

In the summer cattle are seen even on the highest ground on Malham Lings between Watlowes and Malham Tarn.


Malham Tarn


Cattle near Malham Tarn.

Calf with mother and a handy way to let a stream pass through a wall without damaging the 'delicate' dry stone wall.


Looking south back down to the 'gap' of Watlowes on returning to Comb Scar.


Comb Scar and Watlowes.


Walking to Langscar Gate and returning to Malham via the side of Pikedaw Hill

Langscar Gate in winter!




Looking down from Grizedales across to Low Trenhouse and a very wintery looking Malham Tarn.


Descending to Malham with Pikedaw Hill on the left.


Heading down below Hooker Edge towards Butterlands Barn.


A fine selection of drystone walls!



Looking back up to Pikedaw Hill.


Passing by Malham Cove, seen from the road south from Langscar Gate.


The field systems above Malham Village.


Coming down into Malham village.

A much quicker-shorter route to return to Malham from Comb Scar.

Comb Scar and Comb Hill. The path runs from Comb Scar almost directly south (a smidge to the south-east) from Comb Scar parallel, and just east of, the minor road south from Langscar Gate to Malham.



Eventually Malham Cove comes into sight, more fine views of it just before you meet the road.


The patchwork fields near Malham Cove as visitors stream in its direction on the path where it forks right off the road up from Malham village, which you reach by walking down the road.

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Malham Cove cliffs, Yorkshire Dales National Park, North Yorkshire, Northern England: Malham Cove in Malhamdale is a most spectacular picnic spot and one of the geological wonders of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in North Yorkshire. The picture illustrate the walk from Malham village and back (from top right clockwise). Thousands of years ago a great waterfall would have thundered over the edge which is now commanded by nesting Peregrine Falcons. The RSPB had set up some high powered telescopes through which you could observe these magnificent birds. You can walk over the top of Malham Cove and over to the magnificent Goredale Scar for another spectacular geological spectre.


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