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Examples of work

Series 1 - Inspired by pin-hole camera images of landscapes

Series 2 - Miniatures

Series 3 - The Rushforth Series

Series 4 - Progression from Series 2 and 3

Series 5 - Winterreise

Series 6 - Pike How

Series 7 - Aperture


I work in groups of structurally related paintings. These groups are inter-related. They start but do not stop and I add to the group when inspired to do so. These groups can be numerous- up to one hundred structurally similar images or as few as six.

The initial starting point for a group could be; a failed image, a person, a book (preferably surreal), piece(s) of music (increasingly so) and of course, the landscape I see and live in. Other landscapes inform my paintings Ė seen or imagined- e.g. Dungeness or the puszta (the Hungarian plain). I donít need to be in the landscape, I could be in a city but the painting process would be the same.



I studied Basic Design at Winchester College of Art, 3-D Construction at Southampton College of Art and Trent Park College, London. I began painting in 1980, initially applying paint to constructions I had made, and then constructing paintings in 2-D on canvas and paper.


Contact Details

Postal address; 12, Robin Hood Close, Castleton, N. Yorkshire, YO21 2DH

E-mail address; i.mcculley@btinternet.com



I have exhibited my work at;

Montage Gallery, Castleton, N.Yorkshire

Easton Rooms, Rye, E.Sussex

Chatton Gallery, Northumberland

Lund Gallery, Easingwold, near York

and most recently on DINA4, a website collated by Ernst Kraft (dina4.ernst@gmail.com)

See http://www.dina4.org.es/artistas/fichas/artista_0361.html

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