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tables of data : see individual topic or data

tantalum, Ta :

tautomerism : ADVANCED detailed notes-examples of chain, positional, functional group isomerism and tautomerism :  : 

teach yourself chemistry : A set of teach yourself online chemistry lessons (under development) :

tectonics : GCSE Earth Science - plate tectonics

technetium, Tc :

teethADVANCED % calcium by volumetric titration :

Teflon : Materials Science - TEFLON : GCSE notes: Polymers-plastics :

tellurium, Te : position and group in periodic table : GCSE-AS metalloid/semi-metal use note :

temperature : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) rates of reaction factor : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) energy changesGCSE equilibrium rulesADVANCED Chemical equilibrium rules and Le Chatelier's Principle :

temperature responsive polymers : Smart materials - TEMPERATURE-RESPONSIVE POLYMERS :

temporary hardness : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) water hardness

terbium, Tb :

termination step : ADVANCED explained for organic free radical reactions : ADVANCED free radical chlorination/cracking reaction mechanisms :

tertiary - classification of organic molecules (or protein structure) : ADVANCED explained : ADVANCED alcohols : ADVANCED halogenoalkanes : ADVANCED amides : ADVANCED protein structureADVANCED aromatic amines-structure-naming : ADVANCED organic-nitrogen-compounds-naming-structure

Terylene : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) condensation type polymer

test for? : KS3-GCSE-ADVANCED large range described for gases, metal/non-metal ions ('radicals), organic molecules etc. - long alphabetical index at top of page - anything missing for GCSE/AS or A2? let me know: 

tests/Quizzes on : KS3 Science : GCSE Chemistry, Earth Science : ADVANCED Chemistry

tetrachloromethane, CCl4 ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

tetrahedral shaped molecules/ions : ADVANCED molecule shape, pictures, bond angles, ox diagrams

Thalidomide tragedy : ADVANCED structure-function-tragedy

thallium, Tl :

theoretical chemistry : ADVANCED notes

theory of... : GCSE rates of reaction : ADVANCED kinetics

thermal decomposition : GCSE-AS as type of reactionGCSE-AS limestone/carbonates/nitrates/hydroxides : GCSE cracking oil fractionsADVANCED Thermal decomposition and stability of carbonates & nitrates :

thermal/heat conduction : GCSE-AS element properties : GCSE-AS metal structure

Thermit reaction : GCSE-AS as type of reaction : GCSE reactivity series of metals-aluminium

thermochemistry/thermodynamics: ADVANCED Part 1 thermochemistry - enthalpies of reaction, formation, combustion :

thermochromic materials : Smart materials - THERMOCHROMIC MATERIALS :

thermoset/thermosetting plastics : GCSE extra organic chemistryGCSE-ADVAN(basic) bonding note

thermosoftening plastics : GCSE extra organic chemistryGCSE-ADVAN(basic) bonding note

thin layer chromatography : GCSE-KS3 paper/thin layer explained-examplesAS-GCSE paper/thin layer analysis-organic chemistry

Thinsulate : Materials Science - THINSULATE :

thiosulphate, S2O32- : see also sodium thiosulphate : ADVANCED as a ligand : 

thorium, Th :

thulium, Tm :

tilted rock formations GCSE Earth Science

tin, Sn : position and group in periodic table : GCSE-reactivity-reactions involving oxygen/water/acids/displacement : GCSE uses of tin metal :  

titanium, Ti : GCSE-AS extraction TiO2(s) ore=>TiCl4(l)=>Ti properties-uses : GCSE-properties-uses-Transition Metals : : ADVANCED redox theory of extraction : ADVANCED detailed notes 3d-block Transition Metals : ADVANCED Titanium :

titanium dioxide, titanium(IV) oxide : sunscreens-sunblockers - titanium dioxide :

titration - volumetric calculations  : GCSE-AS basic molarity examples-Quiz : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) volumetric/titration calculationsAS acid-base titrations : ADVANCED redox titration calculations

toxic : KS3-GCSE hazard warning sign/symbol-meaning

tracers - radioactive : GCSE-AS examples of use

trans/cis geometrical isomerism : ADVANCED defined and lots of examples described

trans-uranium elements : ADVANCED formation by fusion/particle accelerator

transient/instantaneous dipole-induced dipole forces : ADVANCED in protein-enzyme structure :

Transition Metals, 3d block Sc to Zn : GCSE-properties-uses : GCSE extra metals notes-titanium : GCSE word-fill worksheetADVANCED Inorganic Chemistry Part 10 3d block TRANSITION METALS: 10.1-10.2 Introduction 3d-block Transition Metals * 10.3 Scandium * 10.4 Titanium * 10.5 Vanadium * 10.6 Chromium * 10.7 Manganese * 10.8 Iron * 10.9  Cobalt * 10.10 Nickel * 10.11 Copper * 10.12 Zinc * 10.13 Other Transition Metals e.g. Ag and Pt * Appendix 1. Hydrated salts, acidity of hexa-aqua ions * Appendix 2. Complexes & ligands * Appendix 3. Complexes and isomerism * Appendix 4. Electron configuration & colour theory * Appendix 5. Redox equations, feasibility, E * Appendix 6. Catalysis * Appendix 7. Redox equations * Appendix 8. Stability Constants and entropy changes * Appendix 9. Colorimetric analysis and complex ion formula * Appendix 10 3d block - extended data * Appendix 11 Some 3d-block compounds, complexes, oxidation states & electrode potentials * Appendix 12 Hydroxide complex precipitate 'pictures', formulae and equations

'transition state' : ADVANCED explained for organic mechanisms : see also 'activated complex'

transportation : GCSE Earth Science-weathered rocks

trends in ??? : best look up specific topic

triatomic molecule : GCSE-AS small covalent molecules e.g. H2O

tribasic/triprotic acid : ADVANCED examples - theory of acids and bases (also use the 5. sub-index  near top of page) :

triglycerides-fats-natural oils : GCSE extra organic chemistry

trigonal planar/bipyramid shaped molecules/ions : ADVANCED molecule shape, pictures, bond angles, ox diagrams

triols (alcohols) : ADVANCED structure and naming

triple bond - covalent bond : GCSE-AS covalent bond explained in nitrogen : ADVANCED in alkynes see also ADVANCED Functional Groups : ADVANCED bond angles

tungsten, W : GCSE used in filament lamps :

types of chemical reaction : KS3-GCSE-ADVAN(basic) lots of descriptions of different types of reactions and chemical processes : GCSE m/c Quiz

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