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qualitative analysis chemical tests : Qualitative Analysis for: acid ==> H+ * acid/acyl chloride RCOCl * alcohols - general ROH/prim RCH2OH/sec R2CHOH/tert R3COH) * aldehyde RCHO * prim aliphatic amine R-NH2 * aliphatic/aromatic carboxylic acids * alkali ==> OH- * alkane/alkene >C=C</alkyne -CC- (saturated versus unsaturated) * aluminium/aluminum ion Al3+ * amide RCONH2 * prim aliphatic amines R-NH2 * ammonia gas NH3 * ammonium ion NH4+ * prim aromatic amine C6H5-NH2 etc. * barium ion Ba2+ * Benedict's solution * Brady's reagent * bromide ion Br- * bromine Br2 * caesium ion Cs+ * calcium ion Ca2+ by flame or hydroxide ppt. * carbonate CO32-/hydrogencarbonate HCO3- with acid or effect of heating metal carbonate e.g. MCO3 * carbon dioxide gas CO2 * carboxylic acid RCOOH * carboxylic acid (aliphatic) salts e.g. RCOO-Na+ * chloride ion Cl- * chlorine gas Cl2 * Chomate(VI) ion CrO42- * copper(II) ion Cu2+ by flame or hydroxide ppt. * 24DNPH (for aldehydes/ketones test) * esters RCOOR * Fehlings test/solution * flame test for metal ions * haloalkanes/halogenoalkanes R-X * hydrogen gas H2 * hydrogen sulphide H2S * hydrogen ion, acids H+ * hydrogen bromide gas/hydrobromic acid HBr * hydrogen chloride gas/hydrochloric acid HCl * hydrogen iodide gas/hydriodic acid HI * hydroxide ion, alkali OH- * hydroxy/alcohol/phenol (organic) * iodide ion I- * iodine I2 * iodoform test - formation of CHI3 * iron(II) ion Fe2+ * iron(III) ion Fe3+ * ketone R2C=O * lead(II) ion Pb2+ * lithium ion Li+ * lime water Ca(OH)2(aq) * magnesium ion Mg2+ * metal carbonates-heating e.g. MCO3 * metal ions via hydroxide precipitate * nitrate or nitrate(V) NO3- * nitrite or nitrate(III) NO2- * nitrogen dioxide or nitrogen(IV) oxide NO2 * oxygen gas O2 * phenols C6H5OH etc. * potassium ion K+ * rubidium ion Rb+ * reducing sugars * saturated/unsaturated * silver nitrate AgNO3 (see chloride, bromide, iodide tests) * sugars (reducing) * sodium ion Na+ * strontium Sr+ * 'sulphate/sulfate' or sulphate(VI) SO42- * sulphide S2- * 'sulphite/sulfite' or sulphate(IV) SO32- * sulphur dioxide gas SO2 * Tollen's Reagent * unsaturated/saturated * water H2O * zinc ion Zn2+ * : GCSE rates of reaction coursework data

quantitative analysis : ADVANCED Quantitative volumetric analysis Part 1 : non-redox titrations acid-base, silver nitrate-chloride and EDTA titrations : ADVANCED Quantitative volumetric analysis Part 2 : Quantitative volumetric analysis: Redox volumetric titrations : NMR/IR/% composition problems : GCSE rates of reaction coursework dataGCSE-ADVANCED index of links to questions :

quaternary - classification of organic molecules (or protein structure) : ADVANCED explained : ADVANCED salts in organic reactionsADVANCED protein structure

quartzite - metamorphic rock : GCSE metamorphic rock formation

quicklime, calcium oxide, lime, CaO(s) : GCSE Quicklime manufacture-uses :

Quizzes/Tests on : KS3 Science : GCSE Chemistry, Earth Science : ADVANCED Chemistry

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