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observations/obtaining evidence : GCSE rates of reaction coursework

oceanic plate : GCSE Earth Science

OCR/CIE/Salters exam board : GCSE/IGCSE Science-Chemistry support-help links : Salters Advanced Chemistry AS homepage : A2 homepage

octahedral shaped molecules/ions : ADVANCED molecule shape, pictures, bond angles, ox diagramsTransition metal complexes :

oil origin - formation of a finite resource : GCSE Oil Notes

oil fractions-products : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) fractions-uses

oils-natural fats-triglycerides : GCSE extra organic chemistry

oil products : petroleum oil products as examples of the science of formulation chemistry :

ol/ols functional group - homologous series : see alcohols

'oleum', fuming : 

Olympicene : ADVANCED Structure and formula

operating/locating a chemical factory/works: GCSE-ADVAN(basic) Location considerations, running costs, environmental factors

optical activity, R/S optical isomerism - chirality : ADVANCED detailed notes-examples of R/S stereoisomerism : ADVANCED optical isomer Q : ADVANCED nucleophilic substitution in halogenoalkanes

optimum ... : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) pH/temperature range for enzymes :

order of reaction : ADVANCED kinetics-rates of reactionADVANCED simple rate calculations

orbitals (s, p, d, f) : ADVANCED notes on s, p, d and f orbitals and electron configuration :

ore : GCSE metal extraction

organic/inorganic compounds compared : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) definition & examples :

organic chemistry : GCSE Oil Products : GCSE extra organic Quiz : ADVANCED notes : ADVANCED thermodynamics Part 1 thermochemistry - enthalpies of reaction, formation, combustion

orientation of substitution in benzene ring : ADVANCED aromatic compound formation mechanisms

organic nomenclature : see individual functional group/homologous series  : ADVANCED combined m/c Quiz : ADVANCED combined type in name Quiz

osmium, Os :

oxidation : GCSE-AS as type of reaction : GCSE-ADVAN(basic) explanation-examples, including metal reactivity seriesGCSE-ADVAN(basic) in metal extraction chemistryGCSE-AS electrode equationsADVANCED detailed theory notes-examples on inorganic/organic redox reactions, oxidation state/number analysis, constructing equations from half-cell reactions (sub-indexes provided) :

oxidation of ... :  ADVANCED detailed NOTES on alcohols ==> ketones, aldehydes ==> carboxylic acids (detailed equations and methods) ADVANCED alcohols ==> ketones, aldehydes ==> carboxylic acids (structure comparison on nomenclature page) :

oxidation state/number of ... (see also oxidation above) : ADVANCED Groups1/2 Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metal data : ADVANCED Group 0/8 Noble Gas data : ADVANCED Group 7 Halogen data : ADVANCED Transition Metal data (Sc-Zn, 3d block)ADVANCED Transition Metal Chemistry : of carbon in selected organic compounds :  ADVANCED fluorine, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen, maximum of elements and Periodic Table trends : carbon in organic compounds : ADVANCED reference to electron configuration :

oxide layer : GCSE lack of reaction by aluminium

oxides : GCSE bonding/properties of compounds - ionic or GCSE bonding notes - covalentADVANCED acid-base reaction with acids with insoluble base :

oxidising : KS3-GCSE hazard warning sign/symbol

oxonium ion, H3O+ : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

oxygen, O, dioxygen, O2(g) (see also oxidation ...) : GCSE reactions with metals - reactivity series : test for oxygen gas : O2 gas preparation and collection : GCSE % in air/formation in early Earth's atmosphereGCSE-AS covalent molecule-bonding : GCSE separation from air-uses : GCSE uses including making nitric acid : GCSE use in making sulphuric acid : GCSE use in steel making : Qualitative test for oxygen :

oxygen(II) fluoride (fluorine oxide), F2O or OF2 ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

ozone, trioxygen, O3(g), and ozone layer GCSE-ADVAN(basic) CFC's - ozone destruction

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