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nail polish : nail polish as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

naming compounds : KS3-GCSE note on naming : GCSE formula from name Quiz : GCSE naming from formula Quiz : ADVANCED organic molecules - see individual homologous series pages or functional group-homologous series summaryADVANCED Inorganic compounds - use of (Roman numeral oxidation state) :

nanomaterials, nanoscale materials : Index of nanoscience pages : boron nitride : fat nanoparticles :

nanoscience, nanotechnology : Index of nanoscience pages : nanoscience - health and safety issues :

nanoparticles : Index of nanoscience pages : carbon nanotubes : silver nanoparticles : sunscreens-sunblockers - titanium dioxide :

nanotubes : GCSE-AS carbon structure and propertiesMaterials science - more on carbon nanotubes : boron nitride nanotubes :

naphtha : GCSE oil fractions-uses of products

natural gas-fossil fuel : GCSE oil product fuels

natural molecules : GCSE extra organic chemistry

negative ... : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) cathode electrode-electrolysis : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) atomic structure-electron : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) ions-ionic bonding

neodymium, Nd :

neon, Ne, in Group 0/8 The Noble Gases : GCSE-properties-uses : ADVANCED data :

neptunium, Np :

Nernst Equation : ADVANCED use of the Nernst Equation for predicting the change in electrode potential with concentration :

neutralisation/neutralization : KS3-GCSE type of reaction : KS3-GCSE theory-examples-pH changes : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) more acid-base theory

neutron : GCSE-AS properties - atomic structure : GCSE-AS role in nuclear fission :

neutron number : GCSE-AS definition-atomic structure

Newlands, John : GCSE-AS history of Periodic TableADVANCED periodic Table History :

NI/CCEA/CEA : GCSE/IGCSE Science-Chemistry support-help links

NiCad cell-battery : ADVANCED the principles of cells-batteries explained

nickel, Ni : GCSE-properties-uses-Transition Metals : GCSE-position in periodic table : GCSE use in stainless steel : GCSE in electroplating : GCSE-ADVANCED data : ADVANCED heterogeneous catalyst : ADVANCED detailed notes 3d-block Transition Metals : ADVANCED Nickel : Tests for cations - use top index :

niobium, Nb :

Nitinol alloy : Smart materials - NITINOL alloy :

nitrate/nitrate(V) ion, NO3- : test for : GCSE-KS3 formation from oxides/carbonates with nitric acids : GCSE-AS thermal decomposition : GCSE in NPK fertilisers : ADVANCED shape-bond angle, dot & cross diagram :

nitration : ADVANCED aromatic compound formation mechanisms

nitric acid, HNO3(aq) : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) manufacture from ammonia, uses : GCSE-AS reactions with oxides/hydroxides/carbonates/ammoniaGCSE-ADVANCED (basic) reactions with Mg/Zn/Cu metals :

nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria : GCSE Nitrogen Cycle

nitriles : ADVANCED organic-nitrogen-compounds-naming-structure

nitrite/nitrate(III) ion, NO2- : Test for  : ADVANCED shape-bond angle, dot & cross diagram :

nitro compounds : ADVANCED aromatic-structure-naming : ADVANCED more examples of organic-nitrogen-compounds-naming-structure : ADVANCED aromatic compound formation mechanisms

nitrogen, N, N2(g) : GCSE-AS making ammonia : GCSE atmosphere gas : GCSE-AS covalent molecule-bonding

nitrogen compounds - organic  ADVANCED structure and naming : ADVANCED summary of functional group/homologous series structure : ADVANCED m/c naming Quiz : ADVANCED type in name Quiz

nitrogen cycle : GCSE Nitrogen Cycle

nitrogen dioxide,  or nitrogen(IV) oxide, NO2(g) : GCSE-AS gas preparation and collectionGCSE-ADVANCED (basic) formation-air pollution : ADVANCED shape-bond angle, dot & cross diagram :

nitrogen(III) chloride (nitrogen trichloride), NCl3 : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

nitrogen(III) fluoride (nitrogen tricfluoride), NF3 : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) : GCSE a few comments : ADVANCED examples of spectra-problem solvingADVANCED list of chemical shifts

nobelium, No :

Noble Gases, Group 0/18 of the Period Table : GCSE data-properties-uses-chemistry-lack of reactivity! : GCSE electron structure and bonding : GCSE m/c QuizGCSE word-fill worksheetADVANCED data

nomenclature - organic chemistry : see individual functional group/homologous series : ADVANCED combined m/c Quiz : ADVANCED combined type in name Quiz

non-biodegradable GCSE oil products-plastics

non/un-competitive inhibition : ADVANCED enzyme-structure-function

non-electrolytesGCSE electrolysis

non-ideal gas behaviour/equation: ADVANCED Ideal & non-ideal real gas behaviour, P-V-T & PV=nRT gas calculations, Van der Waals equation :

non-metals : KS3-GCSE position in the Periodic Table - typical physical/chemical properties : GCSE-AS covalent bonding in elements/compounds with other non-metals, ionic bonding with metals

non-polar bond : ADVANCED explained - significance in organic molecule reaction mode

non-renewable : GCSE oil product fuel energy resource

non/un-symmetrical alkenes : ADVANCED explained in organic reactions

Notes for : KS3 Chemistry : GCSE Chemistry, Earth Science : ADVANCED chemistry

nuclear fission ADVANCED the process - nuclear energy - nuclear power

nuclear fusion ADVANCED element synthesis/formation by nuclear fusion

nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, see NMR above

nucleons, nucleon/mass number : GCSE-AS definition, atomic structure

nucleophile/nucleophilic attack : ADVANCED In organic reaction mechanisms-explained

nucleophilic addition (see below too) : ADVANCED In organic reaction mechanismsADVANCED nucleophilic addition of CN and H to aldehydes/ketones mechanism

nucleophilic addition-elimination (see above too) : ADVANCED organic mechanisms explainedADVANCED nucleophilic addition-elimination mechanisms for acid/acyl chlorides with H2O/alcohols/NH3/R-NH2

nucleophilic substitution : ADVANCED organic mechanismsADVANCED halogenoalkane mechanisms

nucleus : GCSE-AS atomic structure

nuclide - notation : GCSE-AS definition and symbols in atomic structure

NylonGCSE-ADVANCED (basic) condensation type polymer

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