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lactic acid : ADVANCED natural/laboratory synthesis

landfill, waste disposal : GCSE plastics problem

lanthanum, La :

lather : GCSE soap hard/soft water

Lavoisier : GCSE-AS history of Periodic TableADVANCED periodic Table History :

law of conservation of mass : KS3-GCSE basic idea explained : GCSE-AS basic examples-calculations-Quiz

lawrencium, Lr :

Le Chatelier's Principle : ADVANCED chemical equilibrium rules and examples explained :

leaching : 

lead, Pb : GCSE-reactivity-reactions involving oxygen/water/acids/displacement : GCSE uses of lead metal : Tests for cations - use top index :

lead-acid battery : ADVANCED the principles of cells-batteries explained :

lead bromide : GCSE electrolysis experiment

Lewis acid-base theory : ADVANCED detailed advanced notes on Lewis theory : ADVANCED explained for organic reaction mechanisms

light - rates of reaction factor : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) notes

lime, limekiln, quicklime, calcium oxide, CaO(s) : GCSE manufacture and uses of lime

limescale : GCSE hard/soft water

limestone, calcium carbonate, CaCO3(s) KS3-GCSE sedimentary rock formationGCSE-ADVANCED (basic) chemistry/mining/uses etc. : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) use in extraction of ironFoundation m/c GCSE Quiz : Higher m/c GCSE Quiz

limewater : GCSE-AS formation : Use in CO2 test

linear shaped molecules/ions : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angles & dot and cross diagrams

lipase - enzyme use : GCSE use of enzymes

liposomes fatty nanoparticles : Nanochemistry - liposomes - fat nanoparticles :

liquefaction : GCSE of air, fractional distillation  => products

liquids : KS3-GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) kinetic particle theory/ properties/diagramsGCSE m/c Quiz : identity tests for

lithium and compounds, Li, in  Group 1 The Alkali Metals: GCSE-data-properties-chemical reactions-uses : GCSE-reactivity-reactions involving oxygen/water/acids/displacement : ADVANCED detailed notes s-block Gp 1/2 elements/compounds : ADVANCED data-graphs Gps 1/2ADVAN-data :

lithium aluminium hydride (see below)

lithium tetrahydridoaluminate(III), LiAlH4 (lithium aluminium hydride) : ADVANCED reduction of organic compounds :

lithosphere of Earth : GCSE Earth science - geology notes

litmus indicator acids-alkalis--pH : KS3-GCSE colours

lock and key mechanism - enzymes : GCSE-AS diagram-explanation

London forces : ADVANCED Intermolecular forces :

Lothar MeyerADVANCED periodic Table History - periodicity graphs :

lower/higher ... : ADVANCED term used in organic homologous series

Lowry-Bronsted acid-base theory : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) theory of acids-basesADVANCED detailed advanced notes on theory :

LPG - liquified petroleum gas : GCSE oil fuel products

lubricating oil : GCSE oil fuel products

lutetium, Lu :

Lycra-Spandex : Materials science Materials science - LYCRA-SPANDEX :


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