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Haber Process : GCSE-AS as type of reaction : GCSE full details-ammonia production-uses-chemistryADVANCED equilibrium-reaction conditions-manufacture: ADVANCED mathematical modelling of Haber Synthesis :

haematite, iron oxide ore : GCSE-AS extraction of iron

haemoglobin : ADVANCED Protein structure and function-CO poisoning

hafnium, Hf :

hair colouring products : hair colouring products as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

half-cell equations (ionic)/potentials : GCSE-AS in electrolysis : GCSE in metal extraction/plating by electrolysisADVANCED detailed theory notes-examples on inorganic/organic redox reactions, oxidation state/number analysis, constructing equations from half-cell reactions (sub-indexes provided) : ADVANCED The principles of redox equilibria, half-cell potentials, cells etc. explained

half-life - calculations : GCSE-AS radioactive isotopes-definition-calculationsADVANCED1st order kinetics

halochromic materials : Smart materials HALOCHROMIC MATERIALS :

halogenoalkanes (haloalkanes, alkyl halides, e.g. chloroalkanes, RX, X=Cl,Br,I) : ADVANCED structure/naming/classification/including cyclo-/polysubstituted : ADVANCED summary of functional group/homologous series structure : ADVANCED Tests for : ADVANCED nucleophilic substitution mechanism for H2O, OH, CN, NH3 and R-NH2 : ADVANCED kinetics case study : ADVANCED elimination of HBr mechanism : ADVANCED naming m/c Quiz : ADVANCED Type in name Quiz : ADVANCED intermolecular forces and boiling points of halogenoalkanes compared to other organic molecules :  

Halogens, of Group 7 : GCSE-data-properties-trends-chemical reactions-compounds-uses : GCSE task sheet : ADVANCED-data :  : GCSE word-fill worksheet Tests for halogens - chlorine/bromine/iodine :  ADVANCED-redox part 1 theory of halogen displacement reactions and also example in redox part 2 :

hardness of water : GCSE explained-examples and soft/temporary types-treatments

harmful : KS3-GCSE hazard warning sign/symbol-meaning

hassium, Hs :

hazard warning signs/symbols : pictures-meaning

HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons, HCFCs) : ADVANCED structure & naming of HCFCs :

health & safety issue : Nanoscience - health and safety issues :

heat changes : GCSE energy changes in physical/chemical changes

heat/thermal conduction : GCSE-AS element properties : GCSE-AS metal structure

heating/cooling curves - state changes : KS3-GCSE graphs explainedGCSE g/l/s states m/c Quiz

heating under reflux : ADVANCED in organic preparations :

helium, He, in Group 0/8 The Noble Gases : GCSE-properties-uses : ADVANCED data : ADVANCED member of Period 1 of Periodic Table :

Henry's Law : ADVANCED solubility of gases :

heptane(s) : ADVANCED structures-names

heptene(s) : ADVANCED structures-names

herbicides : herbicides as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

Hess's Law thermochemical calculations: ADVANCED Thermodynamics Part 1 thermochemistry - enthalpies of reaction, formation, combustion :

heterolytic bond fission : ADVANCED explained organic reaction mechanisms

heterogeneous catalysis : ADVANCED explained-examples

hexane (and hexanes) : ADVANCED homologous series : ADVANCED examples

hexene (and hexenes) : ADVANCED homologous series : ADVANCED examples

HFC (hydrofluorocarbons, HFCs) : ADVANCED structure & naming of HFCs :

higher/lower ... : ADVANCED Term used in organic homologous series

highly flammable : KS3-GCSE hazard warning sign/symbol

high performance polymers : Materials science - HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMERS :

holmium, Ho :

homogeneous catalysis : ADVANCED explained-examples

homologous series - functional groups - organic chemistry : GCSE extra organic chemistry : ADVANCED explained using alkane examples : ADVANCED organic homologous series - functional groups summary

homolytic bond fission : ADVANCED explained organic reaction mechanisms

horizontal row of Periodic Table : see Period

Hund's Rule : ADVANCED electron configurations :

hydrated ... ('with water') : GCSE salts - water of crystallisationADVAN anhydrous-hydrated-water of crystallisation explained :

hydration reaction : GCSE explanation-examples : GCSE addition of water to ethene => ethanol/'alcohol' : ADVANCED addition of water to alkenes-mechanism

hydrides : ADVANCED covalent hydrides and hydrogen bonding :

hydrocarbons : GCSE structure-oil products : GCSE extra organic chemistry-more on structure and reactionsADVANCED alkanes-structure-naming : ADVANCED alkenes-structure-naming : ADVANCED aromatic-arenes : ADVANCED aliphatic/aromatic-structure-homologous series

hydrochloric acid HCl(aq) : GCSE uses-manufacture : GCSE reactions with metals/oxides/hydroxides/carbonates/ammonia : GCSE reaction with metals-reactivity series : GCSE electrolysis experimentsADVANCED use in volumetric titrations :

hydrochlorofluorocarbons, HCFC's : ADVANCED structure and naming

hydrofluorocarbons, HFCs : ADVANCED structure and naming

hydrogen, H, H2 : GCSE H2 gas preparation and collection : GCSE position in periodic table : GCSE-AS molecule-bonding : ADVANCED member of Period 1 of Periodic Table :

hydrogen bonding : ADVANCED in protein and structure : ADVANCED effect on vapour pressure, intermolecular forces and boiling points of inorganic/organic compounds, examples and evidence/theory of hydrogen bonding :

hydrogen bromide, HBr(g) GCSE-AS molecule-bonding : GCSE notes on Gp 7 Halogen compoundsADVANCED addition to alkenes-mechanism :

hydrogen carbonate : see hydrogencarbonates

hydrogen chloride, HCl(g) : GCSE HCl gas preparation and collectionGCSE notes on Gp 7 Halogen compounds : GCSE manufacture and conversion to hydrochloric acidGCSE-AS molecule-bonding :

hydrogen cyanide, HCN : GCSE formed by burning plastics : ADVANCED addition to aldehydes/ketones mechanism

hydrogen electrode (standard) :  ADVANCED explained (also use top 7. sub-index) :

hydrogen fluoride, HF(g) GCSE-AS molecule-bonding :

hydrogen halides, HX (X=F, Cl, Br or I) : GCSE notes on Gp 7 Halogen compounds : ADVANCED addition to alkenes-mechanism :

hydrogen iodide, HI(g) GCSE-AS molecule-bonding : GCSE notes on Gp 7 Halogen compoundsADVANCED addition to alkenes-mechanism (treat as HBr) : ADVANCED hydrogen-iodine-hydrogen iodide equilibrium :

hydrogen ion, H+(aq), oxonium ion, H3O+(aq) :GCSE acid-base reactionsGCSE acid-base more theory : GCSE-AS electrolysis-electrode reactions

hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 : GCSE catalysed decomposition : ADVANCED Titration with potassium manganate(VII) calculations :

hydrogen spectrum : ADVANCED notes on hydrogen spectrum :

hydrogen sulphide, H2S(g) GCSE-AS molecule-bonding : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram : ADVANCED oxidation by KMnO4 :

hydrogenation, H2 addition to alkene : GCSE alkene=>alkane : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) margarine production and structure

hydrogenated fats : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) margarine production and structure

hydrogencarbonates, HCO3- : GCSE reactions with acid : ADVANCED detailed chemistry

hydrolysis : GCSE of some natural molecules-extra organic chemistry : ADVANCED in organic chemistry-links to example mechanismsADVANCED halogenoalkanes-kineticsADVANCED esters-kinetics

hydroxide ion, OH-(aq) : GCSE acid-base theory : GCSE acid-base reactions : GCSE-AS electrolysis-electrode reactions

hydroxides : GCSE-KS3 soluble (alkalis)-insoluble-reactions with acids-formulae : GCSE-AS thermal decompositionADVANCED detailed Gps 1-2 notes : ADVANCED Hydroxide complex precipitate 'pictures', formulae and equations :

hygroscopic : KS3-GCSE-AS explained-examples


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