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Dalton's Law of partial pressures : ADVANCED explained - gas calculations :

dangers of radioactivity : GCSE-AS radioactivity notes, half-life on radioactive waste disposal problems :   

data on ... : Group 1 Alkali Metal : Group 2 Alkaline Earth Metal : Group 0 Noble Gas : Group 7 Halogen : Transition Metal data (Sc-Zn, 3d block)

data handling : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) rates of reaction factorsKS3-GCSE solubility curves

dating - archaeological/rocks using radioactivity-radioisotopes : GCSE-AS detailed Radioactivity notes

Debye forces : ADVANCED intermolecular forces :

decantation/decanting : Brief explanation-description of technique :

decay of ... : GCSE-AS radioactivity unstable atoms/nucleus/radioisotope-alpha/beta/gamma emission :

decolourisation of ... : GCSE-AS of bromine in alkene test

decomposers : GCSE Nitrogen Cycle

decomposition : KS3-GCSE-AS as type of reaction -decay/thermal etc. : GCSE heated limestone and GCSE useful oil products-cracking - oil notes index

definitions of ... : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) acid-base theoryADVANCED theory of weak/strong acids/bases (use the 5. sub-index  near top of page) :

degree of ionisation : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) acids and alkalis

dehydration reaction : GCSE explanation-examples : GCSE of copper sulphate by conc. sulphuric acid

deliquescent : KS3-GCSE-AS example explained

delocalised 'free' electrons : GCSE-AS in metals

denaturing of .. : ADVANCED proteins-enzyme structure :

denitrifying/nitrifying bacteria : GCSE Nitrogen CycleGCSE effect in evolution of Earth's atmosphere

density of ... : GCSE Group 1 Alkali Metal data : ADVANCEDGroups1/2 Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metal data : ADVANCED Group 0/8 Noble Gas data : GCSE-ADVANCED Group 7 Halogen data : GCSE-ADVANCED transition Metal data (Sc-Zn, 3d block) : Periodicity plots of density Z = 1 to 20 plots * Z = 1 to 38 plots * Z = 1 to 96 plots * DATA

deodorants : deodorants as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

depletion of .. : GCSE oil-finite resource : GCSE ozone layer

deposition of rock sediment : GCSE sedimentary rocks

deposits of ... : GCSE volcanic ash : GCSE salts-sedimentary rocks : GCSE oil/gas reserves

desorption/desorbing : ADVANCED heterogeneous catalyst theory-uses

detecting... : GCSE-AS radioactivityKS3-GCSE-ADVANCED chemical tests

detergents : GCSE effect with hard water : detergents as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

diagrams : GCSE-AS atomic structure : GCSE-AS bonding : GCSE electrolysis+links : ADVANCED links to lots of organic molecules

diamminesilver(I) ion, [Ag(NH3)2]+ : ADVANCED molecule shape, bond angle, dot & cross electronic diagram :

diamond, allotrope of carbon : GCSE-AS structure/properties/bonding

diatomic molecule : GCSE-AS small covalent molecules e.g. HCl or H2

diazonium salts/azo dyes : ADVANCED aromatic-structure-naming : ADVANCED organic-nitrogen-compounds-naming-structure

dibasic/diprotic acid : ADVANCED examples - theory of acids and bases (also use the 5. sub-index  near top of page) :

dichromate(VI) ion, Cr2O72-(aq) : ADVANCED examples of oxidising action 6.5/6.12 :

diesel oil : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) oil-fractions-uses

dietary supplements : dietary supplements as an example of the science of formulation chemistry :

diffusion : KS3-GCSE-AS explained-examples

dilution of solutions: GCSE dilution calculations :

diols (alcohols) : ADVANCED structure and naming

dimer : ADVANCED carboxylic acid dimer and hydrogen bonding

disaccharide : GCSE structure

disadvantages of ... : GCSE fossil fuels

discontinuous deposition of rock sediment : GCSE sedimentary rocks

disinfectants : GCSE made from chlorine

disintegration of ... : GCSE-AS atomic nucleus-radioactivity

displacement reactions : KS3-GCSE-AS as type of reaction : KS3-GCSE metal reactivity series : the Group 7 Halogens Cl/Br/IGCSE-AS metal extractionGCSE extraction of titanium metal : ADVANCED -electron redox theory of metal-metal displacement reactions, oxidation state theory part 1 and in redox part 2:

displayed formula/ structural formula or graphic formulae : GCSE examples and in combustion equations : ADVANCED explained using alkane examples : ADVANCED explained-examples-links homologous series

disproportionation (and its opposite) : ADVANCED examples :

dissociation : ADVANCED of acids and bases, examples and calculations (use 5. sub-index  near top of page :

dissolves/dissolving : e.g. definitions and a salt purification context : GCSE dissolving explained-examples particle pictures :

distillation - separation of mixtures : KS3-GCSE explanation-examplesGCSE oil fractions-uses

distribution of ... : ADVANCED of solute between two immiscible liquids, distribution/partition coefficient , calculations and uses :

disulphide linkage : ADVANCED in protein structure

Döbereiner : GCSE-AS history of Periodic TableADVANCED Periodic Table History :

dose of ... : GCSE radioactivity measurement

dot and cross diagrams in bonding : GCSE ionic/covalent structures : ADVANCED to help deduce molecule shape

double bonds : GCSE-AS covalent bond explained : GCSE in alkenes-oil products : GCSE extra organic notes-alkenesADVANCED structure of alkenes

double decomposition : GCSE-AS as type of reaction

dough : GCSE using fermentation in cooking

drugs, medicines : GCSE extra organic chemistry

dry cell alkaline battery : ADVANCED the principles of cells-batteries explained :

dubnium, Db :

duralumin : GCSE-ADVANCED (basic) use of aluminium alloys

dynamic equilibrium GCSE introduction and rules : ADVANCED detailed notes pages on chemical molecular, ionic and redox equilibria :

dysprosium, Dy :


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