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"Doc Brown's Chemistry" is a website designed for UK science students studying GCSE Biology, GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics and Advanced Level Chemistry. My website covers the current science syllabus specifications from AQA, Edexcel and OCR examination boards. This science revision e-learning  website includes notes & quizzes for chemistry, but includes some biology and physics too AND lots of 'unofficial' revision summaries for ALL the current GCSE Sciences (links below). The new GCSE specifications starting in September 2016 will be eventually covered completely by Doc Brown's Chemistry plus biology and physics revision notes and specification summaries.

I hope these web pages of 'Doc Brown's Chemistry'  help your studies! and a warm welcome to the HOMEPAGE of doc b's "Chemistry Online" revision website. This was my millennium 'teaching & learning' project and Doc Brown (teacher) has been online since 2000! Its a big SCIENCE WEBSITE to get to know from a retired CHEMISTRY teacher (and some physics and general science for teaching and learning purposes), SO, use the appropriate INDEXES and Google custom 'Doc Brown's Site' SEARCH too! 'Doc Brown's Chemistry' (all material Dr Phil Brown 2000-2017) has lots of  science revision notes & quizzes, mainly an e-learning website for chemistry, but includes some biology and physics too AND lots of 'unofficial' revision summaries for ALL the current English GCSE Science courses

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New & re-edited webpages: 'Doc Brown's Chemistry' & 'docspics' chemicals:   Some ancient to modern historical bits of the Renvyle Peninsula, County Connemara and the 'light' moods of the Renvyle Peninsula  The Urris Hills, Mamore Gap, Leenan Beach & Dunaff Head Inishowen Peninsula  Co. Donegal 3. Doagh Famine Village Museum visitor centre, Doagh Island (Doagh Isle), Inishowen, Donegal Sept. 18th Class 35 Thomas  34081 92 SQUADRON Christ Church & Settle Orchestra Skipton Castle Sheeps Head Peninsular Dunmore 1 Dunmore 2 Sept 20th Sheep's Head Peninsula Kilfenora Dysert O'Dea 51. Slievemore Mountain walk, Deserted Village, Megalithic Tomb, Dugort Beach, Dooniver Strand, Keel and Dooagh Achill Island  52. Dooega Village, Kildownet Scenic Atlantic Drive, Achill Island, Atlantic Coastal Walking East of Ashleam Bay, Achill Island Sept 22nd Ramelton  Rathmullan 55. Moving on from Achill Island to Knock Airport, Letterkenny and Ramelton 56. Rathmullan and Buncrana, Co. Donegal A walk along the beach to Rathmullan and the old fort 57. Portsalon Beaches and Fanad Head on the Fanad Peninsula 58.  *  59. Ballyliffin Beach & Hotel, Trawbreaga Bay and Pollan Bay, Inishowen  60. Glenveagh National Park  ? ?


GCSE grade 9-1 & IGCSE CHEMISTRY Doc Brown's Travel Pictures & Notes
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